Face Masks Forever?

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When can we stop wearing the stupid face masks? When the Chinese Communist Doomsday Virus pandemic is over? And when would that be?

Oh, but Far Left Crazy has a great idea! Wear the face masks forever! For the rest of your life! ‘Cause even if COVID-19 goes away (which it won’t!), there’s always gonna be one or two other diseases out there that all-wise, all-powerful Government MUST prevent from making people sick!

It’s ideology, stupid. It goes like this. A. There is no God. B. That’s no problem, because the state can do everything God would do, or should do, if He really existed. Just think of Sammy Davis Jr. singing “The government can!” C. The more power Government gets, and the bigger it grows, the more it can do for us. D. If we keep on feeding it and growing it, the state will eventually be God (or good as) and nothing bad will ever be allowed to happen to anyone ever again.

But, see, for all that wonderful stuff to happen, the state has to control people’s behavior–at least until Science can find a way to control people’s thoughts as well.

This is Satanic ideology. A seduction brewed up in Hell. The devil’s rather proud of it: with it he’s ensnared whole nations.

Isn’t it time we tore the face masks off?

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  1. We’re already seeing signs of doubling down in Ohio. What we need is a series of Peaceful Protests of our own — flash mobs entering stores, churches, etc., and tearing off their masks and throwing them away. In fact, I recently saw a video of such a flash mob in a Target store. But we need more than one isolated event. And I’m not sure we’ll get any more, because the longer the brainwashing goes on, the more emotional (and financial) investment the mask wearers will have in keeping their masks on, and that will lead to brawls, not conversions.

  2. It amazes me, not only how quickly people accepted masks (which I could understand, at first, when we didn’t know any better) but how quickly people are demanding them to be mandated. These same people claim that “stupid anti-maskers” are going around spreading the virus (if everyone already has the virus, what’s the point of wearing a mask?) and trying to kill people. This morning, I actually saw someone write on Facebook: is freedom worth making other people sick?

    Here in Canada, our numbers are relatively low, and the same people are trying to claim it’s because our useless government took things seriously, while the evil Trump didn’t (forgetting that while Trump was trying to restrict travel from the US to prevent the spread and being called a racist for it, our PM rejected calls to do the same… calling us Canadians who pushed for it, racists).

    One thing masks have accomplished: they’ve made people cruel.

    And stupid.

    Lack of oxygen might have something to do with that.

    1. People have fought and died for freedom, so yes, freedom is worth everything. I’ve seen similar arguments and my response is I’m only responsible for myself and my loved ones, I’m not responsible for anyone else’s health. If I had a compromised immune system I wouldn’t expect everyone’s life to revolve around me, the onus would be on me to protect myself. If those people are really that worried about getting sick, which is inevitable, then they can wear masks and stay home for the rest of their lives. By the way, if masks are really that effective then why would someone wearing a mask care about someone who chooses not to wear one? Some people have become so afraid of dying that they have forgotten how to live.

    2. Yup!!

      Though I do not have a compromised immune system, I do fall into the “high risk” category due to a combination of factors, ranging from my age to a chronic cough I’ve had for almost 20 years that no one’s been able to find the cause of. I think it is absolutely selfish to expect everyone around me to wear a face diaper, in the off chance they might have come in contact with a specific strain of virus. I am responsible for my own health. No one else!

      Among the other things I’ve seen that just blows me away are those who say that “when” they (non-mask-wearers) get sick, they should be denied treatment. 1) I keep being told that the idea behind wearing a mask is to prevent a person from infecting others. If everyone who thinks they have the virus is wearing a mask, from where did the non-mask wearing person get it? And 2) since when to we deny people medical treatment based on how they got whatever they need treatment for? We don’t deny treatment to smokers, alcoholics, or hikers that get lost. If someone tries to commit suicide, do we deny them treatment because they self-harmed? But the Covid Karens would deny treatment to people, out of spite? How do people not see how ridiculous they are being?

    3. “Among the other things I’ve seen that just blows me away are those who say that “when” they (non-mask-wearers) get sick, they should be denied treatment.”

      That proves for them it’s not about health or saving lives it’s about control. They want everyone to fall in line… or else.

  3. Humanity has survived and thrived for thousands of years before the advent of masks and did so just fine. I’m convinced masks are mostly useless. They’re just the equivalent of baby pacifiers. If I knew I was around an extremely infectious disease with a high mortality rate I sure wouldn’t feel comfortable just wearing a mask. They are not air tight and a virus is small enough to go through them. Besides that, I haven’t seen anything that should warrant wearing a mask. There’s been a little over 200,000 deaths in the US from Covid-19. That sounds like a lot, but according to the CDC only a small amount of those died from Covid alone. All the others had underlying health issues. Moreover, 200k is just a drop in the bucket when compared to the entire US population of 330 million. The truth is the vast majority will never be directly affected by Covid. It’s just one more virus in a world already brimming in a sea of deadly viruses. I can understand why the authoritarian politicians want masks forever. What is more of a mystery is why the average American would want to live like that. It seems we have become so averse to risk taking that we want to eliminate all risks completely. Not only is that impossible but we are trading our freedoms for a little (false) security.

  4. There are more and more indications that we’ve begun living in a dictatorial state — and not because of our current president, but because of those who’ve been trying to overthrow him. One of the marks of a dictatorship is not just that the populace is forced to do arbitrary and humiliating things, but that more and more of them begin enforcing the humiliation on those who haven’t yet gone along. This serves two purposes. The first, of course, is that with each imposition of control, the next imposition becomes easier. And the impositions must be humiliating in nature so that the subjects will always be aware of their subjugation. Then they’ll be more invested in making others share in their humiliation so that they can mentally turn their subjugation into a participation in the State’s power over others. The second purpose is to avoid having to maintain a large official enforcement agency. The subjugated populace begins to police itself.

    Virtually every dictatorship has followed this procedure. And we’re seeing it now with the masks. Those who have been cowed into wearing the masks are now tyrannically trying to impose the masks on those who don’t wear them — even when masks aren’t called for. But in addition to the masking tyranny, I’ve been seeing more and more hair-raising videos of the BLMs trying to force people to give the black power salute and yell “Black Lives Matter” over and over. Those of us who know history can hardly separate this from our memories of people being forced to give the Nazi salute and shout “Heil Hitler!” Or wave Mao’s Little Red Book and shout the appropriate slogans. It’s happening. Here in America.

    I never thought I’d live to see the day. And I’m afraid it won’t be over even with the election, no matter who wins the election. We’re already being threatened with ongoing riots and the overthrow of our Constitutional government. I keep hearing in my mind what my old dissertation director once said to me: “You’re a Classics scholar, Phoebe. You know how quickly a civilization can collapse.”

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