‘Church Without Christ’

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Kristyn Getty singing In Christ Alone

In Christ Alone, by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, is one of the most frequently-requested hymns around here. In just a few short years it became a classic.

But you won’t find it in the Presbyterian Church USA hymnal.

Church Without Christ

Does the PC in PCUSA stand for “politically correct”?

One line in the hymn refers to the wrath of God being satisfied by Christ’s atoning death on the cross. This was too much for the PC corner. “Wrath of God??? Waddaya mean, the wrath of God!? Well I never–!” Next thing you know, God’ll be expecting people to believe in Him. Who knows what that might lead to? “There’s no place in our church for orthodox Christian doctrine!”

If this denomination makes it to the next century, it’ll be a miracle.

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  1. There seems to have been an epidemic of that sort of thing. One of our Catholic (or should I say quasi-Catholic?) hymnals revised “Faith of Our Fathers” some years ago. This was once an eminently Catholic hymn celebrating the Catholic martyrs of England and offering ourselves to die for the Faith if necessary, just as they did. Well, now the hymnal has gotten rid of all that yucky martyrdom stuff, not to mention the even yuckier willingness to die for the Faith ourselves. Instead, we sing of the faith of our fathers — and mothers, in the second stanza — who were really really nice to their neighbors. I’m not making this up.

    Of course, the whole matter has been rendered inconsequential by the fact that the hymnals have all been confiscated from the pews because they may carry Wuhan cooties, and we’ve been barred from singing in church anyway because singing carries Wuhan cooties. So much for being willing to die for Christ. Now we’re not even willing to risk catching a cold for Him.

    1. I grew up in the Dutch Reformed Church, and Faith of Our Fathers was in our hymnal. I don’t know what’s in the hymnal now. I stopped going when the church went all Far Left Stupid on me.

  2. How sad to see what is happening to so many churches. I have several friends who no longer attend any church. They seem to forget Hebrews 10:25. I can certainly understand the frustration with a lot of the churches, but there are always home gatherings with Bible study and prayer if nothing else.

  3. I watched the livestream of the Prayer March in Washington D.C.’s mall today with over 50,000 Christians there to act out 2 Chronicles 7:14. If you haven’t seen it you can find in on the Internet. In 1952 Billy Graham spoke on the mall to over 40,000 people, calling America to repentance, and it was raining!

  4. I watched part of the livestream, too. The speakers’ words and prayers were excellent, but the best part, I thought, was when Franklin Graham called on everyone to pray aloud in their own words. And then all those tens of thousands of people praying, each individually but all as one praying — some whispering, some murmuring, some at full voice, all in their own words to the Lord — it was truly awe-inspiring. I prayed along with them. I’m sure others around the country and maybe the world were doing the same.

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