By Request, ‘In Christ Alone’

A modern worship song that has become a classic hymn–we don’t see that too often, do we? Requested by Susan: In Christ Alone, sung by the Boyce Worship Collective.

‘In Christ Alone’

This may be the most frequently asked-for hymn on this site–In Christ Alone. (I am running soooo late!) Here we have it sung a capella by The NCrew. And the hymn show is open for your requests… should anybody venture in today.

‘In Christ Alone’

This is one of our most popular hymns, and I woke up with it on my mind this morning–In Christ Alone. performed by Keith and Kristyn Getty, with Alison Krauss: background sets by God the Father.

‘In Christ Alone’

Don’t ask me to try to spell the name of the location where this video was filmed–somewhere in India. Somewhere beautiful.

In Christ Alone, sung by the Living Stones Quartet–have you noticed that the Church is growing in places where we least expected it? Hang on, Christians–the cavalry’s coming!

By Request, ‘In Christ Alone’

We have three hymn requests this morning–I’ll spread them out and post each one of them.

First, this one from Susan: In Christ Alone, performed by Celtic Worship with Steph MacLeod. (I’m posting them in the order received, so please be patient.)

By Request, ‘In Christ Alone’

Wow! Suddenly I’m rich in hymn requests! I think the best I can do, for now, is to post two of them and save the rest for tomorrow.

First, requested by Tessa–and very probably our most often-requested hymn–In Christ Alone, by Keith and Kristyn Getty.

I will always try to fulfill all hymn requests, and please don’t be discouraged if I’m late.

By Request, ‘In Christ Alone’

Why do I post so many hymns?

Because we need them! As King Alfred said, “But the Lord is our defense: Jesu defend us!”

The crisis of our age is, as it has been from the beginning, a religious crisis. It is a war of worlds. It’s been going on since the serpent first seduced Eve in the garden.

Hymns and prayers–these are our ammunition. And the Gospel, and the Word, and the grace of God.

Requested by SlimJim: In Christ Alone, performed by Sounds Like Reign.

By Request, ‘In Christ Alone’

First things first! We have a hymn request from SlimJim–In Christ Alone, by Keith and Kristyn Getty. We’ve got to take this hymn to heart: this fallen world and its CEO the Devil are looking to devour us. Only Christ can save us.

Bonus Video, ‘In Christ Alone’

In Christ Alone is on a lot of readers’ lists of favorite hymns; and I’m posting it here because I’ve almost used up the first list of Your Favorite Hymns and I want to invite all readers to come up with another. Don’t be afraid to suggest more than one hymn. It’s not like we’ll ever run out of them.

I know, I know–with anything like this, the pattern always is: a few people act and a lot of people watch. I’d like to see more readers participating, but if I knew how to draw you in, I’d probably be rich and arrogant. So all I can do is hold out the invitation.

‘Church Without Christ’

See the source image

Kristyn Getty singing In Christ Alone

In Christ Alone, by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, is one of the most frequently-requested hymns around here. In just a few short years it became a classic.

But you won’t find it in the Presbyterian Church USA hymnal.

Church Without Christ

Does the PC in PCUSA stand for “politically correct”?

One line in the hymn refers to the wrath of God being satisfied by Christ’s atoning death on the cross. This was too much for the PC corner. “Wrath of God??? Waddaya mean, the wrath of God!? Well I never–!” Next thing you know, God’ll be expecting people to believe in Him. Who knows what that might lead to? “There’s no place in our church for orthodox Christian doctrine!”

If this denomination makes it to the next century, it’ll be a miracle.