NYT Says Trump Should Be ‘Off the Ballot’ After Testing Positive for Virus

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An editorial board meeting at the New York Times

Hmm…. Galloping senility shouldn’t keep you off the presidential ballot. Neither should being surrounded by crooks (Hunter Biden springs instantaneously to mind).

But testing positive for COVID-19, and feeling a little bit run-down? Well! The New York Times, America’s chief journalistic cheerleader for the Far Left Crazy, has called for President Donald Trump to be taken off the ballot because he and his wife, Melania, have tested positive for the virus (https://www.foxnews.com/media/trump-coronavirus-ballot-new-york-times).

Amnesia strikes again. How quickly they forget.

Earlier this year, the United Kingdom’s newly-elected prime minister, Boris Johnson, came down hard with COVID and had to go into intensive care. He did not resign, the government did not collapse, and by and by he recovered and went back to work.

If one candidate can hide in his cellar throughout the campaign and only come out when the moon is full, surely the president can rest in bed for a while and conduct his business–and his campaign–electronically until he’s on his feet again.

We aren’t going to discuss the Loving Left fervently wishing he will die. Because that’s what they always do. That’s the kind of people that they are. Don’t even think about allowing them to run the country.

The rest of us will pray for our president and entrust him to God’s care. We think he’ll get well again before too long: Mr. Trump is a strong and vigorous man, and our country needs him.

Come back stronger than ever, Mr. President! And blow those socialist pipsqueaks out of the water.

9 comments on “NYT Says Trump Should Be ‘Off the Ballot’ After Testing Positive for Virus

    1. The real problem here is that unless the Democrats can get away with cheating even more than they always do, President Trump will be re-elected.

  1. Not like it is the first time someone in an important position became ill. Come on, people. Remember FDR?

    1. Remember Joe Biden? Now ask that same question of Joe Biden and I absolutely promise you you’ll get a blank stare in response. 🙂

  2. You would think the president was stricken with some debilitating disease for life. So lefties, in two weeks he will be back at it again.

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