‘So I’m a Bigot’ (2014)

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I don’t remember what I said, back in 2014, to get so many leftids so mad at me all over the Internet. But mad they were, big-time. That was before the transgender express really got rolling, so I must’ve pressed their buttons with Gay Greatness Denial.

So I’m a Bigot

Again, the thing that spooks me the most about this is the way people who are way old enough to know better will just toss away their core beliefs and take up new ones just because some dindle on a TV screen told them to. Leftids make 180-degree turns with astonishing ease and frequency. Whatever the Party tells them to believe, on any given day, that’s what they believe.

The thing that’s really scary is when people who aren’t leftids do that.

‘Kicking the Dead’ (2018)

Image: Anthony Bourdain on Pier 57, where he is planning to open Bourdain Market, in New York.

There’s nothing quite so Loving Left as abusing the dead. They do it all the time: for two cents they’d dig up the corpse and kick it down the stairs. You’ve seen how they react when anyone who isn’t them dies. It’s not pretty.

It’s a measure of how toxic their evil is, that lately conservatives have been whooping it up when a big-name leftid dies.

Kicking the Dead

This is creepy. We’ll be tearing down statues next, and desecrating tombs–just like they do.

Anthony Bourdain was not a prince. He was a big fat leftist. But to whoop it up because he died–because he killed himself–no, that’s not nice. Not nice at all. You could pick up a spiritual pollution.

Let’s save the slings and arrows for live villains. The ones that have to be thoroughly defeated if we’re to have any peace. And leave the dead in peace.

‘My Answer to a Schlub’ (2014)

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“You still don’t get it, do you, grandpa?”

I’m sure more than a few of us have heard such banter from the Loving Left: our ideas are no good because we’re old.

It’s very hard to argue with stupid people who have not outgrown college.

My Answer to a Schlub

I’m grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve known in my life, all the beautiful places that now exist only in memory. I’ve known people who were kids in the 19th century. I read, so I can learn from people who lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago. And I can and do read the Word of God.

It’s just not worth anything to be a “progressive.” The only “progress” they ever make is toward irrelevance.

‘My Books Are Being Trolled’ (2017)

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1) - Kindle edition by Duigon, Lee. Religion  & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Thanks to our esteemed colleague, “Weavingword,” this story had a happy ending.

My Books Are Being Trolled

People are always trying to manipulate amazon.com’s Customer Reviews, one way or another. In my case, some nasty little Far Left insect didn’t like my politics, so he tried to convince readers that my books were one-star pieces of twaddle. Those one-star “reviews” really hurt–although they didn’t hurt for long.

I take great care to keep any and all “real-world politics” out of my books–let not a trace of it be found.

I did once read a “fantasy” in which the Elf turns to the Dwarf and says, “We must learn to celebrate one another’s diverse lifestyles.”

Run screaming to the sidewalk.

‘Crawl On Your Belly When They Kick You in the Face’ (2018)

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A few years ago the Ontario Human Rights Commission toyed with the idea of assigning itself the authority to decide whom your friends should be… ’cause you can’t let ordinary racist dumb people decide that for themselves, they’ll just get it wrong.

Here in America, our looniversities are every bit as evilly wacko as the OHRC. Like f’rinstance:

Crawl on Your Belly When They Kick You in the Face

This clown’s crime, for which the Loving Left punished him, was knowing and liking someone who wound up running for governor as a Republican. Boo! White privilege! Boo! Racist-Biggit-Hater!

I admit it. I hate these cheap little tin-horn Stalinists. We should shut down 90% of the colleges–before it’s too late. Before they do irreparable harm to our republic.

We do not (!) have to slink around with “Kick Me” signs on our backs.

‘Feel the Love, Baby’ (2017)

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Remember this? Horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas–and there’s this CBS “legal executive”  sorta glad about it because it was only country and western music fans who got shot and you know they’re mostly Republicans, yatta-yatta…

Feel the Love, Baby

Well, she wound up being fired. Can’t let the mask slip. Most embarrassing for CBS, letting the normal people know how deeply you despise them. Keep it up and you might lose viewers.

People-hating liberals have quietly seized control of most of our political and social institutions and turned them against us. You can’t even watch a ballgame on TV anymore without them getting in your face and calling you a racist.

Why in the world do we permit it?

NYT Says Trump Should Be ‘Off the Ballot’ After Testing Positive for Virus

At 'Sacred' Lake, Chinese Declare Love for Xi and Communist Party - The New  York Times

An editorial board meeting at the New York Times

Hmm…. Galloping senility shouldn’t keep you off the presidential ballot. Neither should being surrounded by crooks (Hunter Biden springs instantaneously to mind).

But testing positive for COVID-19, and feeling a little bit run-down? Well! The New York Times, America’s chief journalistic cheerleader for the Far Left Crazy, has called for President Donald Trump to be taken off the ballot because he and his wife, Melania, have tested positive for the virus (https://www.foxnews.com/media/trump-coronavirus-ballot-new-york-times).

Amnesia strikes again. How quickly they forget.

Earlier this year, the United Kingdom’s newly-elected prime minister, Boris Johnson, came down hard with COVID and had to go into intensive care. He did not resign, the government did not collapse, and by and by he recovered and went back to work.

If one candidate can hide in his cellar throughout the campaign and only come out when the moon is full, surely the president can rest in bed for a while and conduct his business–and his campaign–electronically until he’s on his feet again.

We aren’t going to discuss the Loving Left fervently wishing he will die. Because that’s what they always do. That’s the kind of people that they are. Don’t even think about allowing them to run the country.

The rest of us will pray for our president and entrust him to God’s care. We think he’ll get well again before too long: Mr. Trump is a strong and vigorous man, and our country needs him.

Come back stronger than ever, Mr. President! And blow those socialist pipsqueaks out of the water.

This Hear Prefesser she Is rihght!!!! thay shood All Die!!

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We helded a spacial meting Tooday “of the” Stoodint Soviet to de-manned that our Collidge thay Hier a prefesser who sayed she Hoaps evry boddy whoo is four Donold Trumpt thay alll gets Sick and dies befour The Elecksion!!! (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=15726)

Wood yiu beleave It??? that thare stopid Collidge thay kickeded her Out “of” her Own Class Roomb becose she sayed That!!!! Whatt a buntch Of Biggits!! and Haters!!!!

Wel wee shore cood Use her heer!!! She Is ovviusly Wyse And Goood!!

And a nother Thing we jist thawt of,, iff all themb eavle Trumpt voaters thay get The Vyris and Dye,,, then the Rest Of us we cood taik “alll” thair Munny “and” alll thair Stuph!!!!! Immajin if we cood has thair Howses “and” thair Carrs “and” “aslo” al thair Viddio Gayms!!! It wood “be” A Grate Day four Socile Jutstus!!!!!!

We has got to Get ridd “of” al themb Haters “and” Biggits,; and we was hoaping The Vyris it wood make themb al diye or mayby Pressadint Obomma he “wood” Do it!!!! How cood thay putt her On leeve???? Thay must bee “the” Biggist Haters arownd!@!!!

Boy howe i Hate thoze Haters!!!! thay maik my blud boyle!!!!!!!!!!


The Loving Left: At It Again

Scratch a Democrat, find a thug.

A Democrat “consultant” recently appeared on a taxpayer-funded PBS nooze show in Arizona and said “If they [Republican legislators] don’t change the statute… they should be shot” (https://www.theblaze.com/news/democratic_pundit_arizona_shot_herstam).

Who loves ya, baby? If this were to happen, it wouldn’t be the first time some deranged leftid attempted to assassinate Republicans. The last one was a Bernie bro who tried to massacre Republican Congressmen playing baseball. Rep. Steve Scalise was almost killed. Cops killed the gunman before he could hit anyone else.

Half a billion bucks a year we shell out to PBS. And this is what we get for it. The host had a little giggle for his guest’s witticism. I’m not mentioning these clowns by name. If you really want to know, click the link.

And what, pray tell, was this statute that so urgently had to be changed?

Democrats want Arizona’s election laws changed this year to permit an “all-mail election,”  all votes by mail, no polling places. It’s a shabby, stupid idea that does nothing but make it easier for Democrats to cheat. How many Republican votes would be “lost” in the mail? How many extra Democrat votes would be received? But if we don’t let them cheat, we should be shot.

This reminds me of the 1957 baseball All-Star Game, when Cincinnati fans stuffed the ballots and “elected” their whole starting team as the National League All-Stars. It was pretty shabby then. It’ll be just as shabby now.

America urgently needs the Democrat Party to be put out of business forever, after getting totally crushed in this year’s elections. It’s also time we defunded PBS.

Can you imagine the howl that would’ve gone up if some guest had suggested shooting liberals? I don’t know of any PBS host who would’ve chuckled over that.

Maybe we could afford to be a little less thin-skinned if we could manage to believe they didn’t mean it.

But I think they do.

‘Big Lib Calls for New Holocaust’ (2015)

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Now that Firefox has gone mad and I’m forced to use Chrome, this is the only image it would let me post this morning.

Remember this? An American Civil Liberties Union board member–not just a no-name “volunteer,” like they tried to make out he was, but a member of their board of directors–had to resign after saying he’d like to see Trump supporters, millions of them, massacred.

Big Lib Calls for New Holocaust

The Loving Left. Hey! Aren’t they the ones who call everybody who isn’t them “Nazis”?

Now you know why we need the Second Amendment.

Quick question–did he have to resign because he’s a nut, or because he spoke too candidly?