‘A Halloween Story’ (2017)

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Let’s have some fun. Here’s a little story I wrote for Halloween three years ago. I am told strong men collapse into quivering masses of Jell-O after reading this.

A Halloween Story

Actually, I’m kind of surprised there’s anything left of Halloween, given the cultural miasma we’re exposed to every day. Oh, they’ll want to ban trick-or-treat and say it’s on account of COVID, which is the all-purpose excuse now every time some liberals want to lop off another of our liberties.

Meanwhile… Can you tell us what’s under the witch mask?


4 comments on “‘A Halloween Story’ (2017)

    1. (Picking myself up from the floor)… You mean someone who DISOBEYED THE MANDATE???? Sorry, I just can’t wrap my mind around such wickedness.

  1. Now that Trump and many around him have succumbed to the Wuhan Virus there is going to be torrent of demands from the Left to make wearing masks mandatory nationwide – hey, it’s settled Science.

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