Where’s the Harmless Fun?

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I am wearing my Halloween T-shirt today, the one that says “This Is My Halloween Costume!” And we’re equipped with Reese’s Cups in case any trick-or-treaters show up, although I don’t expect them to. And maybe this afternoon we’ll watch The Mummy (the real one, with Boris Karloff) or some other horror classic.

Why do this? Why try to have fun on Halloween?

Oh, I don’t know! To take our minds off the real monsters who are coming after us in this election? The Mummy always gets smacked down at the end of every Mummy movie; but just try getting rid of Chuck Schumer. And speaking of the Mummy, have you seen Joe Biden lately?

I have happy memories of Halloween. When I was four or five years old my parents got me a Donald Duck costume and took me trick-or-treating. I was convinced I looked exactly like Donald Duck! And we still have photos of my sister, Alice, in her cowboy costume.

What was so bad about that?

And every Halloween my father would take us for a drive around downtown New Brunswick, where they had an annual contest of painting Halloween scenes on the shop windows.

But our whole culture has been massively corrupted since then, and Halloween has not escaped unscathed. It’s like those new, modern horror movies that lay claim to sophistication because there’s a lot of cruelty and everybody gets killed. Blah-blah.

Well, here at Chez Leester, we’re going to have what fun we can, and for a few hours try to ignore the real monsters who want to eat our country. We had to special-order my Scary Shapes Mallowcremes, couldn’t find ’em in the stores–and just for a very little while, pretend the monsters will be gone next morning.

Halloween, 2020: Not Up to Snuff

20 of the Best Items in Truly Scary Halloween Decor

People were happier last year. They had more fun.

We’ve just come back from our annual drive around our town to gawk at Halloween decorations; but there isn’t much to see this year. Even the side streets that had really spiffy decorations last year could only mount a half-hearted effort for 2020.

Why is that?

Well, for one thing, we have an election looming up that will land us very badly in the soup if the Far Left Crazy wins. Ghosts and monsters can’t compete with Democrats when it comes to scaring people. And for another, too many of us lost a terrible amount of money–and morale–when Our Experts decided we could beat COVID-19 by shutting down the national economy. The virus is still here, but a lot of small businesses aren’t. And the Dems are talking about shutting down again. Our misery really turns them on, big-time.

This is the year that the locusts have eaten down to the ground. The year “mandates” replaced laws. We lost big chunks of our freedom and are wondering if we’ll ever get it back.

Putting up all that goofy Halloween stuff around your house–it’s fun! It brightens things up. We’ve just had seven straight days of rain, we could use some brightening up.

But normalcy is never coming back until the Left is beaten down to dust.


‘A Halloween Story’ (2017)

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Let’s have some fun. Here’s a little story I wrote for Halloween three years ago. I am told strong men collapse into quivering masses of Jell-O after reading this.

A Halloween Story

Actually, I’m kind of surprised there’s anything left of Halloween, given the cultural miasma we’re exposed to every day. Oh, they’ll want to ban trick-or-treat and say it’s on account of COVID, which is the all-purpose excuse now every time some liberals want to lop off another of our liberties.

Meanwhile… Can you tell us what’s under the witch mask?