The Messiah of the Climate Cult

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I have this on solidly impeachable authority, so save your breath, don’t even try to say it isn’t true.

Secretly, the world’s globalists and Democrats have formed a clandestine cult for the worship of Mother Gaia, the Earth, and Mother Gaia’s Special Emissary, the Gaia Messiah–the COVID-19 Virus.

The messianic character of the Red Chinese Death & Doomsday Virus is attested to by the cult’s Major Prophets: Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, Bill Nye, and a large centipede named Posty. The Virus will slay everyone who a) denies Climate Change and b) fails to obey Mandates duly issued by globalists and liberals in power. No large gatherings of any kind may be held, with the sole exception of riots. The Virus will spare those who gather together for Social Justice, violence, and looting.

All Democrat governors and mayors are venerated as Saints.

Human sacrifice is practiced on a lavish scale. Saints and Prophets don’t have to sacrifice. They choose the people who do.

To join the cult, an individual must sacrifice every last vestige of personal integrity.

It is rumored to be the fastest-growing cult in the world.

7 comments on “The Messiah of the Climate Cult

  1. Where is Greta lately? – I miss her demonic expressions that are perfect for the Halloween season. Many are vying for the position of Climate Change Messiah and one of them is Joe Biden.

  2. During the recent presidential debate, the topic of Climbit Chains came up and, from what I’ve heard, the audience gave it the big ho-hum. This particular fear mongering tactic is wearing out.

    In the last few months, I’ve spent a bit of time studying the Flood and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, the latter being a theory which was formulated by Christians who are PHDs in geology, paleontology, etc. One of the basic conclusions is that the Ice Age was an after effect of the Flood and that we are still coming out of the effects of the Flood, including the ice caps. Assuming this to be correct, it should be no surprise that there are changes in these ice caps.

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