Do You Need a Chuckle?

Our friend and colleague “Unknowable” sent us this in the email this morning, and I want to share it all around.

Do you need a laugh? I do! WordPress is fighting me this morning. My last post disappeared, then somehow got published when I wasn’t looking.

Anyway, cats love boxes–and big cats love big boxes!

Inside every kitty is the heart of a tiger; and inside every tiger there’s a kitty.

The cat with the really cool ears is a caracal, from Africa. (It’s hard to fool Mr. Nature!)

7 comments on “Do You Need a Chuckle?

  1. I just had to share that one. I think that the jaguar backing away from the falling box was the funniest. In the heart of every big cat, there’s a kitty.

    1. WP little trick today: zip zero no views for the post it put up whil;e I wasn’t looking. Not much point writing something that has zero views.

    1. Imagine a 600 pound house cat. My 10 pound house cat is a handful, so is a Tiger 60 hands-full?

      There is a guy in South Africa that has two pet tigers. I’m not endorsing the practice, but that is his deal. I’ve seen some of his YouTube videos and believe me, a Bengal Tiger is a handful, even when you have a great habitat and all the right equipment for safely dealing with tigers. The tigers he has raised from cubs are still very dangerous, even though they are docile, much of the time.

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