The Car’s Fixed, the Chapters are Typed, and the Blog is Sloooow…

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We just got Patty’s car back from the mechanic. The problem was spiders. They blocked a line that lets air escape from the gas tank. I would like to think of spiders as being better behaved than that. These spiders have disappointed me.

I’ve typed up the fourth chapter set of Behold!, although I still don’t know what it is that the characters in the story are going to behold and I’m a bit anxious about it. I can only trust in the Lord to give me the story that He wants me to tell.

As for that third day in a row of 300 views or better, Uncle Shinbone’s efforts notwithstanding (gee, I like that word: I ought to use it more often), it’s looking like that goal is just about out of reach. Serves me right for not writing a Newswithviews column this week.

Anyone who wants to pitch in with some views, it’ll be appreciated. Remember, you can always view cool stuff in the Archives.

5 comments on “The Car’s Fixed, the Chapters are Typed, and the Blog is Sloooow…

  1. Spiders all ready. Imagine that. I would never have dreamt it. Well, glad you have the car back and it wasn’t something more serious.

  2. Spiders? Maybe you should use your car more often 🙂 Here some news, the Democrats are introducing a bill to create a commission on “Presidential Capacity.” Hey, they couldn’t impeach Trump so maybe they can try and prove the medical cocktail they gave him for the Wuhan Virus has made him too unstable to continue in office. What a bunch of dolts. Don’t they know Pence is next in line, the one who just cleaned Harris’ clock in the V.P. Debate by exposing her many, many lies (she even made up a fake history story about Honest Abe Lincoln).

    1. These people are very dangerous, and they really could destroy our republic. They’re willing to do that, if that’s what it takes to get them back into power. It would be foolish to underestimate their malice and evil will.

  3. So you had a bug in the system, eh? (yuk yuk yuk)

    I had a morning at the auto repair shop myself today. I’d just gone in for an oil change and pre-winter checkup, and while they were doing the checkup they discovered that my battery was on its last legs. (You don’t often see a battery with legs.) So I had to get a new battery, which they had to send out for from another site, so there went the morning. I did have a book with me, but I had to sit there for an hour and a half choking into a mask. I finally pulled the mask down to my chin for the last 15 minutes, and since I’m a steady customer and they hate the masks too, they pretended not to see — even when they were looking straight at me. But anyway, that’s what’s tied me up for most of the day.

    Meanwhile, the parts still haven’t come in for my rattle-bang refrigerator. Oy, machinery….

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