If my wife woke me in the morning by biting me, I’d consider that rather rude. But cats and dogs are bound by no such conventions. Neither are parakeets, for that matter. Hey, when your cat or your dog or your parakeet wants to wake somebody, they’ll do whatever it takes.

One comment on “Wakey-Wakey!”

  1. That’s pretty funny. They seem to totally understand sleep, and totally understand that they can wake up someone that is sleeping, any time they want to.

    During the warmer weather, as in up into September, my cat decided that an early morning trip outside suited her. So she would wake me up at the crack of dawn to take her for her daily constitutional. When the weather cooled down a bit, and the crack of dawn was now cool outside, she didn’t understand that there were new rules, including my desire to sleep a bit later. No matter, she still woke me up. I’m pretty sure I heard her say words to the effect that if I grew some fur, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen. 🙂

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