It ‘Is’ Oh. Kay to Eet Play Doh!!!

Making Real Food w/ Play-Doh Toys - YouTube

We gotted a weerd Letter yeasterday fromb somb Hater whoo asked W”hat Do yiu Collidge Nittwitz do for Fun??”?

Wel wee are Not heer to has “Fun!”” In facked we Bannned Fun!!! We “are” Trying “to” maik a Revvalusion heer!!! In facked we are Trying to Ban Evry-Thing!! It “is” “The” ownly whay to Stop Sistemick Racism!!!!!! Becose evry-thing It is Racist!! Waht kind “of” stoopid dop dont know That???

We runned into A promble wen we Banned foood! Evry Boddy thay got Hungary!!!! i dont know waht wood of hapened iff our Stoodint Soviet diddnt “deside” itd Be O.K. for us to Eet Play Doh!!!

Yiu wood think whith “all” themb Pritty Cullers that Play Doh it wood be verry Nise to Eet!!!! and aslo if yiu got Tallent yiu can shaip It “so” it Looks jist lyke Reel Foood!!! The gye in that thare pixture he Is “eeting” a Play Doh sanwitch “and” It looks so Taistey!!!! i wisht I hadded one Jist ly’ke It!!!!!!

Wel i whil Not Lye to yiu becose we has Banned Lying but we has aslo Banned Teling “the” Trooth so thats O.K. anywhay i whil Not tel yiu that Play Doh it Taists goood, axully it taists Kined “of” Ickky!!! i was sorprized!! and It “was” kwite Hard “to” Swaller tooo!!!!!!!!!

And jist nhow i dont Feel “so” goood so i Better stop Riting!!!!

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  1. Silly stoodents … don’t you know dough has to be baked before it can be eaten? Go ahead, try it. (This message is brought to you by your local dentists’ co-op. Special denture discounts available for students.) 🙂

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