Stealing Mail-In Ballots

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Normally I don’t cover political nooze on a Sunday. But the time is growing short, and we need to know what we’re up against: because we need to turn out in overwhelming force to win this election and preserve our country.

In Escondido, California, someone’s been stealing mail-in ballots from residents’ mail boxes ( Nice, huh? Steam ’em open, destroy the votes for Trump, and only count the Biden votes. The Democrat Party in action.

We are told by assorted “experts” that voter fraud with mail-in ballots is virtually unknown.

Pray for the deliverance of our country. And work for it! We are up against real, solid, steaming-hot evil–and may God fight for us. Amen.

3 comments on “Stealing Mail-In Ballots

  1. Remember the Bush-Gore race in 2000? The winner wasn’t declared for a month because of counting ballots in Florida four times. What is it going to be this time with millions and millions of ballets mailed out to outdated voter lists (or maybe just the telephone book is used – who knows?). With all the surveillance technology now in use, ever wonder why we cannot find out the truth about anything anymore?

    1. Who can forget the hanging chads? Make no mistake about it–Democrats are purposely trying to screw up this election. They’ll do anything to get back in power. Anything.

  2. Nancy Pelosi asked President Donald Trump this question: If you lose the election, will you leave the White House? She asked that months before the elections, like she knew what was coming down the pike. There’s just so much that’s been done to not recheck.

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