The Call of the Pika (Did He Say ‘Pika’?)

I’ve long thought these pikas were about the cutest little animals you’d ever see. Distantly related to rabbits, they look more like tailless mice or hamsters, only with bigger, rounder ears. They do look cuddly, don’t they? And they make this call that sounds like “Eep!” Wasn’t there a pitcher, long ago, who made a sound like that every time he threw the baseball?

5 comments on “The Call of the Pika (Did He Say ‘Pika’?)

  1. I saw that very same video recently. One thing that strikes me, is the fact that all of these creatures have their own dignity and their own voice. That little Pika is serious in going about his business. Whatever he was doing, he was doing seriously.

  2. The littlest rabbit. To see one in America you would have to go up into the mountains. Love the sound they make. Regular rabbits can let our bloodcurdling screams when they are frightened.

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