My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 15 (‘Pro-Life Evangelicals’ for Abortion)

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We have yet to discover the limits of hypocrisy.

If judgment begins at the house of God, as St. Peter warned us, then these “pro-life evangelical noted biblical scholars” are in a heap of trouble.

‘Pro-Life Evangelicals’ for Abortion

“Liberal Christians,” if that’s not just an oxymoron, can always find an excuse for setting aside God’s word and kow-towing to the world’s word. And I have yet to encounter a “biblical scholar” who believes the Bible.

Enjoy it while you’ve got it, gang.

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  1. If we forget what “bible scholars” tell us, and just read the Bible as a book, foremost of history and secondarily of prophecy, we can see an epic battle as it shapes. Mankind is created and falls into sin. By the second generation, the first murder occurs and the earth is filled with violence to an increasing degree thereafter. God causes a flood, but warns one righteous man in advance, giving him directions to save humanity and land animals by building a massive ship.

    After that flood recedes, mankind is told to scatter and fill the earth, which they fail to do, so God forces their hand by scrambling language. Almost immediately afterward, Abram is called upon by God and sent to Canaan, with the promise that his seed shall inherit the land. That is the first emergence of God’s reestablishment of His sovereignty on the earth. As we trace the development of this nation, which was to produce the messiah and savior of mankind, we will see the efforts of Satan to oppose this, at every turn.

    When I was growing up, there were Democrats and Republicans and, although they contested between themselves, they tended to be pro American, pro freedom and willing to accept the will of the voters. This has changed drastically and now we have a situation where the division is about abortion, and other moral issues.

    Solomon told us that there is nothing new under the sun and that has held true. The inhabitants of Canaan were vomited out of the land for their wicked practices, including child sacrifice. The worship of Moloch emerged in Israel, which involved child sacrifice yet again. There is nothing new under the sun.

    The Bible wasn’t written to be interpreted by scholars, it was written so that people with an interest in these matters can research for themselves. It is an unusual book in many ways, and some parts of it are there, not because they make for interesting reading, but because those toledots are essential in establishing the line of the messiah. Along the way, we see repeated examples of what happens when people disobey versus the results when people obey. We also see the progress of events from the days of David and Solomon to the first century, when they called for the death of the messiah shouting that they have no king but Caesar.

    The America of my youth was a mostly Christian country. Christianity was somewhat loosely practiced, but the overriding principles of the nation had their roots in Christianity and it showed. Children played, unsupervised for the most part, and were safe for the most part, with predatory molestation being an unusual event. But our civilization was drawn away from the morality of the Bible and has been mired ever since in the issues which arise when we no longer follow the moral guidance of scripture.

    From the perspective of biblical history, none of this is even remotely surprising. There is nothing new under the sun.

    1. I remember a 1936 newsreel in which the lead story was an angry mob breaking into a California prison to lynch a convicted child molester: and the governor said he wouldn’t interfere, the guy deserved it.

      Fast forward to sometime in the 1970s, and I’m watching the evening nooze on black-and-white TV. And there’s some Democrat politician babbling about “the child sex abuse community” as having a vote worth cultivating.

      We’ve fallen very far, very fast.

    2. The Bible says we have to become as little children to be saved, so obviously the Bible is for all people of all ages. Cut God does give the church teachers, those dedicated to studying the original languages, etc. As soon as a Bible teacher says the Bible is not inerrant and unchangeable run for your lives because it is antichrist (I John says anyone who does not confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is antichrist).

  2. I won’t go so far as to advocate mob action, because hysteria isn’t a good substitute for due process, but once the guy is convicted by due process I certainly have no problem with a swift execution of sentence. Molesting a child can scar them for life. As crimes go, it’s near the apex of severity.

    Some years ago, in Colorado, a 6 year old girl named Jon Benet Ramsey was found dead in her parent’s home. There was a common belief that the parents were the killers, but it didn’t fit the profile. People don’t go from a normal, functioning family to murdering their child in one leap; there will always be patterns of abuse leading up to such a thing and nothing like this had been going on in that home.

    Much was made of the fact that this little girl had been entered in children’s beauty pageants. While I have no particular use for these pageants, and don’t think that it’s wise to dress up little girls to look like adults, I can’t quite equate these pageants to some sort of sexual abuse. I think it’s mostly moms living out their dreams through their daughters. But many people felt certain that there was some sort of sexual tie-in involving these pageants.

    A few years after the murder, I was in a book store in Boulder Colorado, the town where the murder had happened and a liberal stronghold. I spoke to someone that worked at that store and the fact that there was a new book about the murder which had just been released came up. This woman went on about how such a criminal would need a “rehabilitative sentence”. Really? Someone rapes, and the then strangles a 6 year old girl in her parent’s home and their rehabilitation is the salient issue? Give me a break! By crossing the boundary into criminality, this person made themselves a menace to society. Up until the time of the crime; yes, I could see that such a person could be helped; but breaking into a home and killing a child isn’t a cry for help, it’s a criminal act of the worst sort.

    The crime was never solved. However, years after the fact, when the hysteria had died down, it came out that an early suspect, who fit the profile of the sort of person that might do something like this, had died about a year after the crime. Chances are it will never be solved, at this point and with a suspect in no position to ever confess. It’s a sad situation, but serves to show just how pernicious child sexual abuse can be. Why would anyone want to court that vote?

    1. The Bible says capital punishment for murder, not rehabilitation. If someone murders another person and it is beyond any doubt that they are guilty, swift execution should take place because it serves as a deterrent from others doing so. For the murderer to remain on death row for decades defeats the purpose.

  3. A week off from NewWithViews and you come back with dynamite! Just as there is fake news, there are fake Christians (The Lord know those who are His). Stevie Nicks is saying she is redeemed from having an abortion because without it there could not have been a Fleetwood Mac music group – life is cheap in modern America.

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