Memory Lane: The Invisible Dog Leash

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Here I am preserving minor aspects of our popular culture which might be easily lost forever, if we weren’t careful. Not that anyone would miss them.

Remember the invisible dog leash? Once upon a time in the last century, Patty and I went to the Seaside boardwalk for the day and saw a lot of these. You could win them at various booths, or just buy them: leash and harness for a non-existent dog. Or, as they liked to say, an invisible dog.

I wonder if the ancient Egyptians or the Romans ever had fads like this–suddenly everybody’s parading around Memphis with a cardboard pyramid for a hat, or doing a Wave in the Coliseum when a gladiator gets the drop on his opponent. Have there always been silly fads, or had it remained for modern Western culture to invent them?

Somebody out there must know! We’re waiting to hear from you, whoever you are.

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  1. We had one of those invisible dog leashes but I can’t remember why. The Wave at a sporting even is anything but silly – my Dad loved doing them at the Angel games we attended.

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