A Cornucopia of B.S.

Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race,  Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody: Pluckrose, Helen,  Lindsay, James: 9781634312028: Amazon.com: Books

I’m reading and reviewing this book for Chalcedon–or maybe I should say “trying to read it.” It’s an analysis, by two self-identified liberals, of all the Far Left Crazy bullschiff bubbling out of our colleges and universities these days, all the “Critical Theory” that’s addling human minds from coast to coast.

The authors are afraid that this movement, before it can devour itself, will grow so obnoxious, so demonstrably harmful, that it’ll drive millions of normal people into the arms of the “Far Right,” whoever that may be. Everyone who’s not a lib, I suspect. We are talking about authors who, in their spare time, are always looking under the bed for those looming “theocracies” they’re so afraid of. And then what’ll happen to their precious LGBT, transgender, and cockeyed humanist notions?

It can’t happen soon enough, says I.

Meanwhile, I’m finding it tough sledding to bull my way through all this analysis of poppycock that actually defies analysis–and indeed is purposely constructed to defy analysis. I mean, there’s only so much of this that anyone who’s not a kollege kook can take!

I guess I’ll write my review next week, wanting to get it out there before Election Day. I need hardly say that none of this nonsense would be possible without the lunatic sponsorship and support of the Democrat Party. That bunch needs an exorcist… big-time.

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  1. You mean the very tenets of far left craziness could drive people away from far left craziness? Imagine that!

  2. If one is in The Profession, one doesn’t really read that stuff. One merely floats along on it, as on an undulating waterbed, occasionally stirring up a wavelet or two oneself when it’s time to publish or perish.

  3. The so-called “critical thinking” has done great damage to the inerrancy of the Bible. I don’t know what it is about intellectuals that they feel they have to be accepted by fellow intellectuals. There are so many lies out in the world proclaimed by science and academia one needs to be grounded in the Holy Scriptures in order to combat them. Scripture tells us to take every thought captive to Christ. Life is all about Christ, everything outside of Christ is death.

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