Not a Joke: Big-Name Commentator Suspended for Self-Abuse… on Camera

New Yorker suspends Jeffrey Toobin for showing penis during Zoom call

When old Jeffrey Toobin goes boob-boob-boobin’ along, along,/

There will be no shirkin’ but plenty of jerkin’ my dong, my dong…

This is our ruling class. These are the persons who get to decide what kind of country we have.

Jeffrey Toobin–The New Yorker writer, CNN legal analyst, talking-head guest on many a cable TV and radio show, big wheel–has been suspending for masturbating on camera during a Zoom call ( in front of people. It was an editorial conference, preparing for the next presidential debate.

Toobin said he made “a mistake.” What–was he fishing for his car keys? Naw–he just thought he wasn’t on camera at the moment. Could happen to anybody.

Our elites. Our ruling class. Hot dog.

6 comments on “Not a Joke: Big-Name Commentator Suspended for Self-Abuse… on Camera

  1. What a disgrace. We have always known that the “elite” is really the “lowly”, but come on- is there no depth too low?

  2. Kind of a commentary on the whole masked-up, zoomed-in, distanced-away, online isolation culture, isn’t it?

  3. Rush Limbaugh opened his show today with this story as the Michael Jackson song played “Beat It.’ Toobin is now the talk of the town, and his stock in the long run will probably become more valuable with the Left.

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