For Sale, Cheap! Really, Really Cheap!

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Every now and then my old liquidator’s instincts come to the fore–hey, somebody has to get rid of all that unwanted product–and I spot a deal that’s sure to pay off.

And here’s one that can’t miss! Are you ready for… Jeffrey Toobin workout tapes?

It takes a lot of energy to pontificate to America on TV–so easy just to turn into Jabba the Hutt, to say nothing of your social life going downhill because you’re stuck at the studio. So you need a little physical pick-me-up whenever the camera turns the other way.

It’s not exactly Pumping Iron … but it is our ruling class demonstrating once again why they deserve to decide what kind of country we’ll have, and we don’t.

Tubin’ with Toobin: Our Ruling Class

Attack of the slime creatures - Chapter one - Wattpad

Sorry, but I’ve just got to say more about this.

These are the jidrools who place themselves on pedestals and look down on us peasants. They own us. they own our Deep State, our Not-so-deep State, our media, our schools and colleges and universities, and our business corporations. They speak, and we’re supposed to listen.

Is there any one of them who’s not a pervert?

This is our ruling class–heck, the whole world’s ruling class–and it’s garbage. Muck. They have cut themselves off from God and want to cut us off, too.

In between bouts of telling us what to do and what to believe, they do phone sex and masturbate. Jeffrey Toobin. We’re supposed to listen to him. He’s a sage, he’s a decider. He’s also a wanker, but never mind. Can’t keep his mind on his work, can he? But with such a superior mind, who are we, little nobodies, to point our fingers at him? We don’t get to go on TV and tell the country what to do. He does.

Look, if you want some jack-off artist to tell you what to think, go for it. You wonder why our country’s in the shape it’s in? Look who’s running it. Self-anointed liberal big shots. Slime of the earth.

And curiously enough, they all seem to work for the Democrat Party…

Not a Joke: Big-Name Commentator Suspended for Self-Abuse… on Camera

New Yorker suspends Jeffrey Toobin for showing penis during Zoom call

When old Jeffrey Toobin goes boob-boob-boobin’ along, along,/

There will be no shirkin’ but plenty of jerkin’ my dong, my dong…

This is our ruling class. These are the persons who get to decide what kind of country we have.

Jeffrey Toobin–The New Yorker writer, CNN legal analyst, talking-head guest on many a cable TV and radio show, big wheel–has been suspending for masturbating on camera during a Zoom call ( in front of people. It was an editorial conference, preparing for the next presidential debate.

Toobin said he made “a mistake.” What–was he fishing for his car keys? Naw–he just thought he wasn’t on camera at the moment. Could happen to anybody.

Our elites. Our ruling class. Hot dog.