‘Now They’re Marching for Hydroponic Cilantro?’ (2017)

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When you run out of serious things to protest, you can protest imaginary things. And when your imagination runs dry–for college students, that takes about three minutes–you can always protest silly things. Like this march for hydroponic cilantro.

Now They’re Marching for… Hydroponic Cilantro?

It’s going to be a real problem, what to do with these morons after they finally stop going to college. Maybe Democrats could start a war, bring back their beloved draft–never mind. With an army full of college students, we’d surely be conquered.

2 comments on “‘Now They’re Marching for Hydroponic Cilantro?’ (2017)

  1. That’s the Liberals for you. They get rights for women which is good. Then rights for homosexuals, not so good. Then rights for transsexuals, which is demented. So why not rights for liberals to tell those who don’t agree with them to just shut up and obey.

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