Cats & Dogs &… Tanks? (Did He Say ‘Tanks’?)

If you ever visit the Aberdeen Proving Ground, you’ll see a lot of vintage tanks that’ll make you wonder how anyone ever managed to get inside them and fight a battle–and how they ever got back out. But as you can see in this video, cats don’t have that problem. Neither do chihuahuas.

But we also have a couple of guinea pigs, a hamster, and a parakeet trying their luck at armored warfare. Guinea pigs really do seem to get the hang of it. The hamster is hopeless. Try to keep him out of your order of battle, if you can.

5 comments on “Cats & Dogs &… Tanks? (Did He Say ‘Tanks’?)

  1. Wow, they are having quite the game there. reminds me of the cat we had that loved playing with my grandson’s train set. The cat played with it more than the grandson.
    While I was watching that, I noticed a hymn on the right side. Farther Along. That is an oldie I haven’t heard in many years.

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