Democrats–and ‘The Deplorable Word’

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(I’ve got to write a Newswithviews column today, and I guess I might as well go with this as my topic. But first let me see if I can make it go. Consider this a preview.)

In the Chronicle of Narnia called The Magician’s Nephew, by C.S. Lewis, we learn of a world called Charn where two queens once battled for supremacy. As she was about to lose the battle, Queen Jadis spoke a magic spell, The Deplorable Word, which wiped out every living thing on Charn.

It makes me wonder: are the Democrats getting desperate enough to speak their Deplorable Word? Like, “If we can’t rule America, then let there be no America!”

Look at their policy proposals. The Green New Deal, which would bankrupt the country and plunge its people into poverty. More lockdowns. A pledge to destroy the oil industry–which, if done, would leave us without the energy needed to sustain modern life. A scheme to pack the Supreme Court, thus removing any check on their power. Massive tax hikes. And the encouragement of riots and civil strife by insane Far Left groups like Black Lives Matter: nothing like a lot of terror and violence to make people obedient to the power.

The only way they could get any closer to a real Deplorable Word would be to promise, if elected, to start a worldwide nuclear war. They haven’t proposed that yet, but give them time. God only knows what they’ll do if they lose this election. They’ve erased almost all the “Stop” lines.

They are fast approaching the point where there is nothing they won’t do to gain power. Power to impose their socialist fantasies on 350 million people. Power to shred society.

They scare me, and I think they should scare you.

5 comments on “Democrats–and ‘The Deplorable Word’

  1. A vote for Biden is a vote for the destruction of this country. And he won’t be president for very long. The 25th Amendment will come into play here because he really isn’t fit for the office of POTUS. And his handlers know it; they are poised to place Harris as president as soon as they can should Biden win.

    1. Y’know, she never got past 5% in the polls when she was running in the primary. President? By acclaim of 4% of just the Democrats, and 0% of the Republicans? Liberals will find that irresistible.

  2. After Trump wins, and no matter by how much, the Left will start riots, burn buildings, loot stores and kill police men and women, but it will only be happening in Democrat controlled states and towns because Trump can call in the National Guard and U.S. Marshalls where GOP authorities give him permission to intervene. If you are in a Democrat state you might want to think about finding a Red one – Arkansas is nice.

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