Heads Up! Christmas Carol Contest Coming Soon

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It’s way too early to have another comment contest. We have almost 67,000 comments, and the next logical target has to be 70,000. We also have over half a million views, so we’ll have to do something special to mark 1 million views, if we ever get there.

But it’s almost time to start our annual Christmas Carol Contest, which ought to begin the day after Thanksgiving. I’m thinking the prize ought to go to whoever first requests the carol that winds up with the most views–not so easy to keep track of, so we’re open to a better idea, if anybody has one. But I think we should be able to manage it.

Leftid killjoys want to ban Christmas, so let’s show them what we think of that.

9 comments on “Heads Up! Christmas Carol Contest Coming Soon

    1. Yes, I think so, too–but the contest doesn’t start till the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll post it tomorrow anyway.

  1. Maybe you could choose a date and time between Thanksgiving and Christmas that no one know but you, and the one who posts closest to that designated time wins – makes it easier on you.

  2. Lee, you can wait until Thanksgiving; I overlooked that in your post. I’m just a bit anxious to get to a happier season than this one we’re In presently. Sorry.

    1. Tut-tut! There’s no such thing as a bad time for a Christmas hymn.
      And one of the functions of this blog is to make each other happy… insofar as we can.

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