Dictator Hails ‘Comrade Biden’

I don’t like to do politics on a Sunday; but the election’s almost upon us, and it’s important for everyone to understand just how bad a guy Joe Biden is–and how bad his Democrat Party is.

So here’s the dictator of Venezuela, all done up like he’s gonna audition for a Peter Sellers movie, droning on about how he met Biden at some wing-ding in Peru–it must’ve been a few years ago, while Biden was still vice president–and what a nice time he and “Comrade Biden” had together.

Cryptozoologists are still searching for a Democrat pol who doesn’t like dictators.

Anyhow, what more do you need to know? “Comrade Biden.” Hot dog. Two peas in a pod.

If you’re even thinking of voting Democrat this Tuesday–please don’t. Our country will never recover from it, if they win this time. Please don’t vote for Comrade Biden.

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  1. I read how Biden’s campaign slogan “Build Back Better” is also the slogan of the New World Order’s Great Reset – hmmmmm. I congratulated you, Lee, on getting the “Behold” ending but the site didn’t take my post – CONGRATS!

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