‘”Christian Fiction”–a Stepchild’? (2015)

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It looks as fully appalling as any secular romance, doesn’t it?

You may be interested in the conversation that follows this post from 2015.

‘Christian Fiction’–a Stepchild?

Once upon a time it was hideously expensive to publish your own books. So there were vanity presses that would do it for you, it you paid them an exorbitant fee. But technology has changed all that, and made self-publishing much easier and less costly.

But for the qualifier “Christian” to alert the reader that the book will be inferior to its secular equivalent–well, we have to work to change that, we really do.

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  1. I love to read books. 1800 cowboys, Amish stories, Christian love stories. Westerns have their share of bad guys but the good guy almost always wins. Any person from age 6 to 106 would enjoy the Amish and Christian themed books and could learn moral lessons from them. I find it refreshing to read a clean Christian book. Maybe leave the Christian reference off of the cover and some unsuspecting person may find they enjoyed it.

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