Has the Riot Party Won?

Rioters Set Fire to Home With Child Inside, Block Firefighters From  Reaching Scene

We are asked to believe that the American people have handed their country over to senile Joe Biden and his Riot Party. And while that was going on…

A hundred thugs from the Antifa/Black Lives Matter wing of the Democrat Party tried to burn down Portland last night; police stopped them just as they were pouring out “a flammable liquid” into a Starbuck’s that was connected to an apartment building full of people (https://thepostmillennial.com/police-intercept-portland-antifa-before-they-could-burn-down-occupied-apartment-building). Amazingly, only two of the would-be arsonists were arrested. Not so amazingly, both were released without bail.

This is what we want for America, the noozies tell us. Riots. Gee, Starbuck’s has spent several years kow-towing to Far Left Crazy, and they still tried to burn it down. You just can’t appease some people.

Yeah, we want riots. And open borders, no oil industry, lots and lots of transgender, and selling out the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle to Red China–that’s what we want, they tell us. That’s why we’re electing Democrats, who will give us those things.

Something about this really stinks.

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  1. We had no riots here — yet — but I’m afraid one of my gloomy predictions about the election is coming true, i.e., that Trump would seem to have won certain states but then boxes full of ballots would magically appear and switch the results to Biden. I wish so many of my predictions wouldn’t come true. Oh well, at least my riot prediction hasn’t come true — yet.

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