The Enemy Is Not Afraid of Us

Trump rally called 'dangerous move' in age of coronavirus

It’s got to be big and it’s got to be loud

The next stage of the Democrat coup d’etat is for the nooze media to repeat incessantly, day and night, every day, “Joe Biden is the winner!” until they wear us down with it–until we’re willing to do anything, even accept a phony Biden presidency, to make it stop. Endless repetition may even make some people think it’s true.

But this evil parody of an election must not be allowed to stand. Because if it stands, our republic doesn’t.

Organizers! We need bigger Trump rallies, and we need them now–with or without the president. The noozies don’t care what we say, the Democrats don’t care, but it may be the highest courts might listen to us. We need to put the fear in the heart of the enemy, and we need to encourage and hearten one another.

We are in this together: millions of us.

They do these things to us because they have no fear of us. Democrats commit crimes with no fear of punishment.

There must be someone out there who can organize a truly gigantic protest in Washington. A protest that makes the worst that Antifa and BLM can do look like a Biden rally in a tool shed. We need the biggest Trump rally that there’s ever been.

Because this coup, this stab at the heart of our republic, must not be allowed to stand.

And while we’re at it–pray!

3 comments on “The Enemy Is Not Afraid of Us

  1. This election is proving to be the most unusual elections in US history. It’s more than apparent that massive voter fraud is underway and the Democrat party is literally “attempting” to steal this election. And they are doing it out in the open for all to see. The media, along with Big Tech, is aiding and a bedding in this robbery, including Fox News. Make no mistake, all of mainstream media is in cahoots with the Democrat party.

    It’s easy to get discouraged during this time and give up and throw in the towel, but we can not allow that to happen! This isn’t just about winning the election for our guy, it’s about saving this country. A party that will go through such extremes to steal an election in plain sight will never relinquish power once they have it. Make no mistake, if they win we will NEVER have a fair election again and the Republic will be lost.

    But all hope is not lost, and there is a sliver lining to all this. Americans are seeing first hand the level of corruption and it is unimaginable. But through this process the corruption is being exposed and those have pretended to be on our side are outing themselves. As investigations continue more and more will be exposed.

    This is far from over. There will be recounts, contested winners, and it may very well end up in the Supreme Court. If that happens we now have a majority thanks to the confirmation of ACB. The timely passing of RGB may prove to be the thing that saves our Republic. It’s going to be a bumpy ride and I don’t know how it’s all going to play out. But when all is said and done I still believe Donald J. Trump will still be left standing.

    The corruption will be uncovered and for the first time in a long time we will start to see real justice being done to the perpetrators. Some of them will be very high ranking. This is why they are fighting so hard, they also know the stakes. This election is about winner takes all. So continue to hold the line, fight, and pray. We WILL win this!

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