Cats & Birds: Duel in the Desert

How do these birds know the cats won’t hurt them? I’ve seen plenty of neighborhood cats catch birds, and it doesn’t end well for the bird. But nothing like that happens in any of these videos. Birds climb around on cats and walk after them and nibble their ears… and the cats don’t eat them.

Domestication! These aren’t wild creatures anymore: they live with us.

Now if we could only domesticate people, we’d have something there.

5 comments on “Cats & Birds: Duel in the Desert

  1. The silver tabby in the second clip is truly lovely. But what kind of bird is that toward the end of the video, with the pointed beak and the tufty “ears”?

    As for domesticating human beings, I think that world is long gone now — and I’m not just talking about the Garden of Eden.

  2. It is astounding, just how bold these little parakeets can be. Setting aside that cats tend to want to hunt birds and assuming that the cat intends no harm to the bird; just how does the cat know how gentle it must be when playing with a bird?

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