They Fixed the Election

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(I’ve gotta get outside and write! Can’t waste a single sunny day. But first this.)

That our 2020 presidential election was rife with organized voter fraud will eventually be proved. Every dirty trick in their voter fraud playbook, the Democrats used, just as they’ve used them in the past to swing state and local elections. The only difference this time was the scale of the operation–nationwide.

They will be found out. Keep the faith. Ignore the dog**** media.

Baseball games and other sporting events have always been fixed by gamblers and corrupt players and coaches. But in 1919 mobsters fixed the World Series, bribing key Chicago White Sox players to throw the games. They made a lot of money and got away with it for a while.

In 1920 it all fell apart, key people just couldn’t help bragging about what they’d done, and the players involved were banned from baseball and a commissioner’s office created to keep anything like this from ever happening again.

Now it’s a hundred years later, and corrupt and lawless persons have fixed the presidential election. It must not stand; and if the investigations go on, without being corrupted, it will not stand.

There will be howling and gnashing of teeth when this crime is exposed and canceled out. Let ’em howl and let ’em gnash. We know this election stank to high heaven, and nothing their puppet nooze media can say or do will make it legitimate.

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    1. I don’t trust RINOs to stick up for a Republican president, and I’m not pleased with AG Barr’s glacial pace which has resulted in zero indictments so far. But I don’t think Rudy Giuliani will ease up.

  1. Since I never was into sports of any kind that much, I was unaware of the fraud (except a few incidental remarks I heard), but I know politics has been fixed on the crooked side forever. I have read many books on such as that. Pitiful mess.

    1. Trust me on this–the Black Sox scandal was big, very big indeed. It could have led to the end of professional baseball in America. The commissioner had to be given extraordinary powers to clean up the sport.

  2. In the 1950s film Moby Dick starring Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart and Leo Genn (to name but three great actors in that film), just before the Pequot puts her boats into the water for the final meeting with the great white whale, Ahab speaks with Starbuck (Genn) about this beast. Starbuck believes Moby Dick to be nothing more than a whale, large and deadly, but mortal. But Ahab sees the creature as some sort of demon who has marked him for life.

    Speaking to the mate, Ahab asks Starbuck, “Where do you (meaning men) go, WHEN THE JUDGE HIMSELF IS DRAGGED BEFORE THE BAR!” Of course, “the judge” is GOD and “the bar” is the “bar of justice.” The meaning here is one we see very well in this wicked parody of a democratic election in the fact that there is NOWHERE we can go to get justice. The courts are crooked as is the government. Even many of our churches are on the other side. Frankly, I never believed that the Deep State would permit Donald Trump to be re-elected and it did not. EVERYBODY KNOWS this “election” was a farce but we continue to pretend something will happen to CHANGE everything! To do so is to continue in blind ignorance.

    I feel we must be prepared as the Israelites of old to pay for our failure to protect our civilization from the wickedness that has destroyed it. When things were done that decent people rejected, all we did was shake our heads and turn on the TV to watch sports or movies. When our churches embraced perversion and wickedness, we sighed and went on with our lives always assuming God would sort it out. Well, perhaps He has and this is the result.

    1. But my prayer is: O Lord, remember that these things were done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

    2. Lady Val, that problem also comes up over and over in English Renaissance drama (Shakespeare and those guys, and the generation after him):
      * What does a man of integrity do in a corrupt court?
      * What do you do when the law is the criminal, or just ineffectual against the criminal?
      * What do you do when the people who should be protecting you are the ones who are trying to kill you?
      * What do you do when the people who taught you your ethical code are acting as though you’re crazy for still believing in it and a public menace for trying to uphold it?
      *WHAT DO YOU DO?

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