New Lockdown for Wales–a Government Gone Mad

Holy smoke! The new lockdown in Wales is like Gov. Whitmer on steroids: or, in the words of an Australian TV news host, “psychotic and absolutely deranged.”

Welsh supermarkets suddenly have shelves taped off to prevent you from trying to buy items the government deems “non-essential.” Like books. Kitchen utensils. Need a new cooking pot? Yer outta luck! Various household supplies. And “no unnecessary journeys.” Government will decide what’s necessary or not.

It’s supposed to last only 17 days. Where have we heard that before?

It’s supposed to wipe out the COVID virus. You know–like the first lockdown did. What’s that? We’ve still got the virus even though we had a four-month lockdown? Obviously the solution is another lockdown! It’s just bound to work this time!

We hear warnings of “a new normal… a dystopian nightmare of constant control and constant fear,” with government claiming more and more “extraordinary powers over our lives.”

News flash! All globalists are Chinese Communist wannabes.

And they think they’ve just swallowed America whole.

Do we Americans give government this kind of power over us? God forbid we just did.

2 comments on “New Lockdown for Wales–a Government Gone Mad

  1. This really is insane, as it was under the Empress of Michigan. Once someone is inside the store, the nature of the purchase is immaterial. The person has already left home and entered the store. Ah, you say (no, I know you didn’t say it — I’m using a rhetorical flourish), but if the person hadn’t wanted to buy the forbidden item, he wouldn’t have left home and entered the store in the first place. Pshaw, I reply, he might just as easily have wanted to buy several different items, including the forbidden one, and in any case, what’s non-essential for one person might be essential for another.

    Besides, selling all the inventory items happens to be essential for the store owner and all the store employees. If they don’t sell products, they lose their jobs.

    But then again, chaos and desperation are the major purpose of these lockdowns. That’s how tyrants gain and keep power. So I take back my opening statement. It isn’t insane. It’s carefully planned.

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