A Ray of Hope

A Ray of Sunshine. Michigan gives us hope | by Chris Thomas | Medium

Check out this piece on The American Thinker about the tide starting to turn for President Trump.


Attorney General Barr has just ordered the Justice Dept. to investigate voter fraud in our 2020 election, which was a travesty, and the Dept. of Homeland Security is also involved. There are a great many ways to steal an election, and so we now have new investigative tools and procedures that we didn’t have before. As the government handbook (published in 2017) for “Federal Prosecution of Election Offenses” puts it, “Our constitutional system of government only works when the worth of honest ballots is not diluted by invalid ballots procured by corruption.” I especially like that word “procured.” (For those who don’t know, a pimp used to be called a procurer.)

So there are going to be investigations, rigorously carried out–and various Democrat pipsqueaks are going to have to start asking themselves, “Do I want to go to federal prison so Joe Biden can be president?” That shouldn’t be a hard one to figure out even for them.

Right now the best thing the Dems have going for them is the sheer unthinkability of stealing a national election. People are incredulous. Could anyone really commit such a bold, enormous, in-your-face crime? It makes fixing the World Series look like child’s play.

As the evidence mounts, though, it’ll seem less and less unthinkable.

This is a dagger thrust at the heart of our constitutional republic, and it must be turned aside, it must be stopped. And those responsible for it must be punished as seditionists.

So that it never happens again.

P.S.–Not to forget the shameful and despicable role played in this comedy by our lying, worthless nooze media…


5 comments on “A Ray of Hope

  1. I’m certainly not beyond hope in this matter. One thing to keep in mind is that the majority of Democrats are not represented by the most vocal, whom call for radical change. The radical left apparently will stop at nothing, but I doubt that most Dems would support voter fraud, because it undermines their prospects, just as much as it undermines those of the right.


    1. Actually, all the decent and sane Democrats I used to know are either dead or retired. The ones that are left will cheerfully indulge in voter fraud, because the only more standard that they recognize is power over other people.

  2. Here comes the cynic again….
    Lots of “investigations” have been promised and even initiated by GOP functionaries in the past couple of years, and none has yet resulted in any indictments or even acquittals — not even any interim reports, for that matter. So I’ll believe in this one if and when I see results. Gummint is gummint. Glaciers move with the speed of the Roadrunner in comparison.

    1. I think Donald Trump will fight very hard for his presidency, and find people who will help him do it. He doesn’t give up easily.

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