You Know You’re a Ninny If…

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Ooh, sunshine! And rain forecast for tomorrow. So I’d better get out there and write!

But first, let me air a few more of my archaic political beliefs that liberals say I should just shut up about.

Then there’s their beliefs. Those are not exactly farm-fresh. They’re also crazy. Anyhow, you know you’re a nincompoop if you believe:

*Government can create a paradise on earth, if only we give it enough money, worship, and coercive power.

*Human nature can be shaped like modeling clay; and The Smartest People In The World should be allowed to shape the rest.

*There’s probably no God, but we don’t need one because each of us carries an inner divinity. (Sorry, I don’t know how to say that without babbling.)

*Our news media are honest, fair, and accurate.

*There really are dozens of genders!

*College makes you smarter. Note I didn’t say “College makes you smart.” A wasp-sting makes you smart, too.

*A global government would be a really nice thing to have.

Sorry, but if you believe even one of these liberal flapjaws, your brain simply doesn’t work properly.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Millions of people believe those things!

True–and look at the trouble that has gotten us into.

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