My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 12 (‘Will Riots Scare Us into Surrender?’)

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Will anyone congratulate us for inventing a whole new political doctrine? Well, new for America, at least.

Whoever stages the biggest riot gets to run the country.

Will Riots Scare Us into Surrender?

Does anybody think that’s a good way to govern a modern republic with over 300 million people in it? Well, yeah–Democrats obviously think so. Certainly Black Lives Matter thinks so. They must get a real rush out of making people live in fear.

This travesty of an election must not stand. God defend us.

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  1. A brilliant article, Lee. And Victor Davis Hanson has an article on a similar theme in today’s Jewish World Review (probably other places as well), but coming from a different angle: “Will Trump Ride Off Into the Sunset?” He places President Trump in a long line of “tragic” heroes whom society needs, calls in to fix the mess they’re afraid to tackle, and then shies away from because he’s … different … or in other words, what they wanted in the first place. Of course, Trump wasn’t shied away from — 71 million of us wanted him to stay — but the never-Trumpers and other squishy Republicans didn’t fend off the fraud they had to know was coming. And as you point out, the courts are probably too scared to overturn the fraudulent results. Take a look. I’d be interested in your comments:

    1. I have to agree with his analysis. Why are people so ungrateful to their benefactors? Original Sin. Or, as Plutarch might say, that’s just the way most people are.

      But it’s very, very far from being proved that the American people really and truly rejected Donald Trump after all he’d done for them. We are dealing with the most massive fraud, the most impudent crime, in all of American history.

      I refuse to believe that that silly old gitt who couldn’t draw two dozen people to his rallies won fair and square. I will never believe that, no matter how the noozies insist on it. I will always believe my own eyes over a bunch of known liars.

  2. Wow, this is the first article of yours that I have been able to access today, and I was barely able to reach the reply portion. Computer messing up big time, including extremely slow. Anyway, the NWV article is
    very good.

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