They Think We’re **Really** Stupid!

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My wife was taking a You.Gov survey this morning when she encountered this multiple-choice question.

Do you disapprove of:

A) Everything the President does?

B) Almost everything the President does?

C) A lot of the things the President does?

Gee, what’s wrong with this picture? Seventy million of us voted for the guy–but now the Experts can say “We’ve got a poll that shows Trump with a 100% disapproval rating!”

Okay, they’re upset. Donald Trump is the wrecking ball that’s gonna bring down their whole tower of fraud, corruption, and mendacity. We mustn’t be allowed to re-elect him!

But we’re not that stupid, sunshine, despite the best efforts of your schools and colleges to make us so; and we are coming for you.

The Lord’s gonna cut you down.

6 comments on “They Think We’re **Really** Stupid!

  1. Here’s another question for their survey:

    Have you stopped beating your wife yet?
    (a) No, don’t intend to.
    (b) Not yet, but plan to in the future.
    (c) Yes, stopped after I was arrested and couldn’t get to her from my jail cell.
    (d) Yes, but only so I’d have some strength left to beat up the kids.

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