They’ve Fooled the World… Again

The Raj delusion | Prospect Magazine

Once upon a time, Western European countries sent out fleets and armies to physically take over other people’s countries, rule them, and extract wealth from them. This was colonialism.

You can’t find a looniversity where they don’t rail and rage about “colonialism,” despite the fact that virtually no one believes in it anymore. But it’s good to keep people riled up about imaginary things–the way a magician misdirects his audience so they can’t see him putting something up his sleeve.

See, there’s still colonialism, but they’ve changed the tactics: no more fleets and armies. Even better, they’ve given it a new name. Now it’s called Globalism: and the same ninnies who hyperventilate about “colonialism” are all for giving globalists a shot at global government. It’s really an impressive scam!

And once again it’s Western Europe, with American globalists and Chinese communists on board for a ride that will make them even richer and more powerful than they already are. Even as formerly colonized countries–like India–work hard to create a modern economy and achieve prosperity, globalists are plotting to take over. As we see right here in the USA, they do everything in their power to suppress “nationalism.” Haven’t they just stolen a presidential election?

I am a trained political scientist with a specialty in international relations–and look how long it’s taken me to see through that scam! It’s only colonialism under another name, with different tactics for controlling other people’s countries.

We really do need to get that through our heads so we can put a stop to it.

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  1. The self-styled European Union (really an empire) was a colonialist enterprise from the beginning. Ironically, now it’s going to be colonized in turn by the Great Reset Empire.

    1. Every damned fool who tried to take over the world came to grief. From Pyrrhus to the Soviet Union, they all failed. Although some of them rode pretty high before taking a fall.

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