Newsom: ‘Parties for Me, but Not for Thee’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom's State of the State Speech: Highlights - The  New York Times


How come the big-shot Democrat governors and mayors who tell us The Virus gonna getcha if you don’t obey their Maaaaandates… act like they don’t believe a single word of what they’re pushing on us?

Like, for instance, California Governor Gavin Noisome–oops, I mean Newsom–who, right after warning people that they’d better sharply restrict their Thanksgiving celebrations, went out to a lavish birthday bash for one of his yes-men at one of the most expensive restaurants in San Francisco (

When his flagrant hypocrisy came to light, Newsom laughed it off with a tepid apology, “we should have modeled better behavior.” Yeah. He had families from at least 12 different households attending the party–something Mr. and Mrs. Peasant are strongly discouraged from doing.

You’ve gotta see this news clip, which includes a photo of the party. No one is wearing face masks, they’re all sitting close together in quite a crowd around the table; and although Newsom at first said the party was held outdoors, the photo proves that that was a lie. And you’ll also see the wretched man smirking as he blathers out his insincere apology.

Meanwhile, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat from California, has been photographed walking around without a sacred holy face mask in the halls of the Capitol Building and at Dulles International Airport. Face masks for you, not her.

Has anybody noticed this is just like freakin’ “Climate Change”? Like Barack Obama, in between giving speeches about The Rising Sea Levels And We’re All Gonna Die Unless You Give The Government A Lot More Power And Money, bought a gazillion-dollar mansion practically on the water-line at Martha’s Vineyard. Does that sound like he believes in rising sea levels? Crikey, if he believed the pap that he was selling us, he would’ve built his mansion on top of the highest mountain he could find.

They are all hypocrites, and the whole purpose of all their fear campaigns is to scare us, the people, into submission and abridge our freedoms. Which somehow always results in them getting richer!

They are lying to us. If they were that scared of COVID-19, they wouldn’t do the things they do. We’re still waiting for them to explain how come all those rioters didn’t die off like flies, jammed together as they were, without face masks or even a hint of social distancing.

If it doesn’t scare them, it shouldn’t scare us.

And they can take their Great Re-Set and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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