Heaping Up the Hubris

Xinjiang's “transformation through education” camps

Win a tinfoil hat if you can tell the difference between Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party!

One thing Christians, Jews, and ancient pagans agreed on–God doesn’t like hubris, and never fails to punish it.

Hubris? What hubris?

Well, this hubris: California Democrat bigwig David Atkins wants “post World War II-type re-education” for everyone who supports President Donald Trump (https://dailycaller.com/2020/11/19/california-democrat-wwii-japan-deprogram-conservatives-trump-supporters/). But he does admit he has a minor problem with the details.

“How do you de-program 75 million people?” he wonders.

See, voting for Donald Trump makes you a Nazi, and so there are 75 million Nazis now in the United States, and we all need to have our minds made right, boss.

Atkins called our kind of thinking, shared by at least 75 million of our fellow citizens, a “conspiracy theory-fueled belligerent death cult.” You can just feel the love. He also accused conservatives of giving themselves the coronavirus so they could blame it on liberals.

Oh–and he says “left” and “center-left” are the only good and decent places you can be, politically.

Heap it up, Democrats, heap it up as high as you can.

The Lord’s gonna cut you down.

6 comments on “Heaping Up the Hubris

  1. Maybe they should view some of the demonstrations in Germany; against over control of government. Now, these are people who really know what dictatorship feels like. Didn’t turn out great for them, did it?

  2. So left and center-left are the only good places … but we’re going to reprogram everyone on the right to go left … which means there won’t be anyone on what was once the right … which in turn means that what was once the center will now be the right….

    Ah, yes, it all makes perfect sense. At least to those who want endless policing of thought. Too bad most people in charge of the thought police in tyrannies usually wind up eliminated for crimethink themselves.

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