‘Idiot of the Year’ (2016)

Terry McAuliffe

Would you buy a used country from this man?

America loses 93 million people a day to gun violence. An idiot said so.

Idiot of the Year

Which idiot was that? Why, Terry McAwful! Sorry, that should be “McAuliffe.” One-time Clinton family bag man, former governor of Virginia, aspired to be the Democat presidential nominee for 2020 but lost out to the not-quite-sentient Joe Biden.

What is it with Democrats and numbers? Remember Biden’s plan to put “700 million women” back to work? McAwful didn’t have any trouble adding high numbers when he was schnorring for the Clintons or romancing the Chicoms. Anyhow, his presidential hopes dried up long before this year’s primaries.

Not that any of the others were any better.

4 comments on “‘Idiot of the Year’ (2016)

  1. And these are the same arithmetic geniuses who feed us the scary numbers of Wuhan infections and deaths.

  2. When we vacationed in Tampa we visited the church being pastored by Terry’s brother, Joseph. At the time he was working with the Chalcedon Foundation. He was a strong Pro-Life leader. But years later he went to work with his brother, his daughter worked for Hillary Clinton, and now Joseph thinks abortion isn’t that bad of a sin – so sad.

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