‘Leaving All to Follow Jesus’

Requested by SlimJim, I chose this unusual rendition of the hymn, Leaving All to Follow Jesus–unusual in that it’s such an old recording, maybe from as long as 90 years ago. It’s from an album called “Times Ain’t Like They Used to Be.”

Now we’ve just about emptied the Your Favorite Hymns cart, and some of you have never requested a hymn. Well, you don’t have to, of course–but why not? Help refill the cart.

8 comments on “‘Leaving All to Follow Jesus’

  1. Do you still have my requests in the cart? On 16 Nov, I asked for these:
    – For All the Saints.
    – Come, Holy Ghost.
    – I Love You Lord Today.
    – We Have Come Into This House.

    1. You needn’t rush. I was just afraid that they’d fallen out of the cart, since you were saying that the cart was nearly empty. 🙂 I’ll be glad to wait my turn.

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