‘They Don’t Like Our Flag, either’ (2016)

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For four whole years leftids have spat curses at normal people, abused us, hated us, and mocked the things that we hold sacred–every day for four whole years.

And now they’ve stolen an election, stolen our country out from under us. At least they think they have.

They Don’t Like Our Flag, Either

They don’t like us and they don’t like our country, and now they’ve got software to change people’s votes. Now they think they’ve got us where they want us.

We pray the Lord will cut them down.


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  1. Sometimes, the Lord allows a person, group, or whole nation to be chastised in order to get them to see their error; turning away from Him and making other things their gods, and He does this in order to point out their errors to them, and to get them to repent. Discipline is never pleasant, but sometimes necessary if the end result disaster is to be avoided.
    May the Lord have mercy on us, correct us and restore us.

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