‘Would You Kill Yourself if a Celebrity Told You To?’ (2012)

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They must be smart, they’re on TV!

Of course, if we did everything celebrities told us to, we’d be living like 12th-century Scottish peasants and ruled by socialist vampires. But maybe we do do a little bit too much.

Would You Kill Yourself if a Celebrity Told You To?

You will notice when a liberal spouts “Global Warming!” or “COVID!”, he and all his liberal friends get to keep their mansions and can also get together for a fund-raiser–or a riot–with no fear of any virus. The draconian restrictions apply to us, not to them.

Would it be at all surprising if celebs started appearing on TV and exhorting you to kill yourself–all for sustainability, of course? Save The Planet, off yourself now!

We must never let liberals “govern” us. It’s too much like sheep being governed by wolves.

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  1. There would be plenty of takers. The more I read of history, the more I come to understand that what we call civilization sprang from a relatively few people that saw life as precious and sacred. This view has all but perished, in the last couple of decades and we’re paying the inevitable price, already.

    The most recent historical reading I have done concerns the “civilizations” which operated in Central America and South America in antiquity. I parenthesize the word civilization, because there were practices in those places that go beyond the word disgusting, including the ritual killing of rivals and Inka rulers that considered themselves gods of such stature that the only woman adequate to be their wife would have to be their sister.

    We look back on these things in horror, but; the human race is no less wicked now, than it was then. The human race could repeat what happened in Germany 75-85 years ago and rationalize it just as effectively as the people of that time. The Judeo-Christian ethic was the most effective way of countermanding mankind’s fallen nature, but it has been abandoned, wholesale, by many people over the last generation or two. Even the mainstream denominations have, in many cases, backed away from true Christianity.

    So, what is left? Simply put, when we back away from the word of God, our sinful nature takes over. This is a spiritual battle.

    1. When we were kids, the Mayans were presented to us as a whole civilization full of philosophers. Then we finally learned to read their inscriptions, and we discovered that their civilization collapsed because of perpetual wars–and enough human sacrifice to cause many people to flee into the jungle.

    2. The book 1491 goes into the history of pre-Colombian America. Obviously, they can’t know every detail, but they have found plenty of evidence of human sacrifice and other practices which are unsavory, at best.

      The idea the the Americas were sparsely populated and primitive is based upon a snapshot of time which caught them in serious decline. The persons living in the Americas were isolated as the Ice Age abated. There were not that many species of animals in the Western Hemisphere, which meant that there were a limited number of diseases which could cross the species boundaries. They had immune systems which were perfect for their situation, but which were not prepared to adapt to any new pathogens.

      There had been limited contact with Europeans, and once smallpox was communicated there was an inevitable epidemic. The peoples of the Americas were vulnerable to these diseases, due to their isolation and some estimate that 96% of them died, whereas Europeans had a much higher survival rate. So, flourishing cultures ceased to function, no differently that what would happen if we tried to operate the infrastructure of our civilization with only 5% of the population available to do the work.

      By the time that North America began to be explored by Europeans, the societies which had functioned were no longer operable. They were reduced to Stone Age levels of technology, because they had no means to produce. The explorers were walking into a “post apocalyptic” scenario and made the logical, but incorrect, assumption that things had always been like this.

      I read the book based upon Rushdoony’s writings about American Indians, which, IIRC, you had a hand in editing. It dispels the myth that there was some sort of Eden in the Americas that the Europeans disrupted. They were struggling to survive and had adapted to a situation which had changed. The development of the Americas had been disrupted by disease.

      There is a lot to be learned from the story of Tisquantum, the Indian kidnapped in his adolescence, taken to Spain and then eventually to England, where he worked his way back to America. When he got home, his entire village had been lost to disease. He played a key roll in the survival of the Plymouth colony, serving as an interpreter between the Separatists of that colony and the Native population among whom they lived. He taught them farming techniques, but it’s just as likely that his idea of using fish to fertilize the soil when they planted was something he learned in his travels, and not something he knew from his native culture. Tisquantum was a study in tragedy, to be assured, but his story reveals that disease had played a huge role in the unfortunate events of those years.

      It also reveals that the kindness shown to him, first by Priests in Spain (who freed him from his captors) and then the British (who helped him repatriate) was not lost upon this man. He was kind towards the Separatists of Plymouth and helpful. Much of their success was due to his assistance. I certainly would believe that our Creator took note of this.

    3. Even racked by disease and culture shock, there were still great men and women among the native American population. Their contribution to our civilization needs deeper study.

    4. Certainly. I’ve known many Native Americans and among them were some extraordinary individuals. Sadly, their culture has been bombarded by the criminal culture and drugs have become a huge problem in many of their communities.

  2. Into the jungle is where we are headed now if we do not wise up and turn around. People who are speaking as authoritative do not even understand that our nation is a republic, and not a democracy as they are calling it. We learned this simple fact way back in grade school, but maybe they were all skipping school?

    1. I agree. I wanted to be home schooled, and would have been much better off, if I had been, but that was all but impossible when I was a kid.

  3. I hate to say it, but what seemed like a fantasy in 2012 has become a reality by now. Maybe not the celebrity in a PSA, but definitely in hospitals and nursing homes, where the sick and elderly are encouraged to commit suicide — or, more accurately, be killed. If they demur, the medical staff will make the decision for them. It’s already happening in several European countries. And the public are being told that this is “death with dignity” and even “compassionate care.” (This involuntary euthanasia actually being done in the USA as well, but not so openly.)

    It seems, though, that the route being taken now is a bait-and-switch rather than outright persuasion. For example, people are being told that they must smother and infect themselves with masks as a way of protecting themselves and others from being … well, smothered and infected. Lockdowns to “keep everyone safe” (no more “flatten the curve,” you’ll notice) are killing people by means of suicides and overdoses. And the new vaccines are already starting to show alarming side effects, in fact bad cases of the illness they’re supposed to be preventing, but they’re being talked about as so urgent that everyone will be required to take them or else be denied jobs, services, goods, etc.

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