‘Would You Kill Yourself if a Celebrity Told You To?’ (2012)

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They must be smart, they’re on TV!

Of course, if we did everything celebrities told us to, we’d be living like 12th-century Scottish peasants and ruled by socialist vampires. But maybe we do do a little bit too much.

Would You Kill Yourself if a Celebrity Told You To?

You will notice when a liberal spouts “Global Warming!” or “COVID!”, he and all his liberal friends get to keep their mansions and can also get together for a fund-raiser–or a riot–with no fear of any virus. The draconian restrictions apply to us, not to them.

Would it be at all surprising if celebs started appearing on TV and exhorting you to kill yourself–all for sustainability, of course? Save The Planet, off yourself now!

We must never let liberals “govern” us. It’s too much like sheep being governed by wolves.