‘Let’s Make Robots That “Evolve”‘ (2016)

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Boy Robot meets Girl Robot–what? what about all those other “genders”?–they make baby robots, and after I dunno how many generations of this, the robots *evolve* into other kinds of robots with no resemblance to the original–

And this teaches us… what?

Let’s Make Robots That ‘Evolve’!

Try to make sense of this. “There is no Intelligent Design!” And then, to prove it, they design robots, design them to “evolve”–and it’s all just a simulation, there’s nothing real involved–and then claim that this proves Evolution by totally random chance and there is no God and no God’s laws so really we can fornicate with a pile of rocks or anything else–[pause for hyperventilating Scientist].

Our culture continues to melt down.

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