Memory Lane: The Sears Christmas Catalog

1959 Sears Christmas Book | Christmas books, Christmas catalogs, Vintage  christmas

What kid growing up in the 50s or 60s didn’t love this–the annual Sears, Roebuck Christmas catalog?

I spent hours and hours with these. I mean, come on–what’s better than a day off from school because it’s snowing too hard, curled up on the sitting room couch with the Sears catalog?

Everything was in there! Even guns. But my favorite was the section devoted to assorted play sets–the farm, Cape Canaveral, the circus, dinosaurs, Wild West: wow, they had everything!

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I do wish I still had some of those rubber-nosed rockets and spring-powered launchers from the Cape Canaveral play set. I still have farm animals, circus animals, and jungle animals–and dinosaurs, of course–from other sets. Reminders of sweet Christmas Past. Priceless now.

It’s been many years since I’ve seen a Sears Christmas catalog. Do they still publish them?

But my box of animals is still here, to bring to mind the people that I loved, and family Christmas at my grandpa’s house, and early, early Christmas morning, and my first sight of the decorated tree, the job my father did after he packed his kids off to sleep…

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  1. Unfortunately there isn’t even a Sears store anymore, let alone a Sears Christmas catalog. You can thank Sam Wall for that and of course Sears own stupid mismanagement; buying K-Mart, really?

  2. The Sears Christmas catalog was a favorite pastime, for me. What a time of solid prosperity, when we could find quality products so easily. Even the regular Sears catalog was extraordinary. You could buy almost anything and, if it came from Sears, it was backed with a satisfaction guarantee. They took pride in their business and sold quality products.

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