COVID Death Toll: A Flim-Flam?

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Our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc., and Democrat politicians, love to tell us that a quarter of a million Americans have died of COVID-19–but is it true?

A critical analysis by Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Johns Hopkins University, has found that “deaths of all kinds, which would have occurred anyway [due to assorted causes], and been classified as being attributable to another cause, were being labeled as COVID-19 deaths” (

She used the same data used by the Center for Disease Control and came to a completely different conclusion! Her report was published on the Johns Hopkins website–and then removed.

“And, miraculously, the decrease in deaths from all other causes [emphasis added] seemed to match almost exactly the number of deaths reported to be attributable to COVID-19.”

In other words, the report suggests that deaths due to a large variety of causes–diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, you name it–have been written up as COVID deaths.

Has America been flim-flammed here?

Now, why would anybody do that?

Uh… to increase their power and wealth? To prop up the sagging superstructure of Far Left globalism? At our expense?

I don’t find that hard to believe. Do you?

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  1. I’m glad this is starting to get around, although the lamestream media will never touch it, so most people will never hear about it. And some people have been so brainwashed that they won’t believe it even if you show it to them. “Just a bunch of right-wing propaganda,” they’ll say, and nothing you say will convince them that they’re echoing left-wing propaganda. has published a story about this, too. And has the whole Johns Hopkins report, with graphs, here:

  2. Yes, as we have been suspecting all along, there are people going on local news programs stating that the deaths of their family members are known to be other related than to covid. One mother said, well they are calling it covid, but if that is the case, my 15 year old has had it for 15 years. The daughter had a bad case of asthma and it finally killed her and it was called the virus. This kind of dishonesty is disgraceful and they should be called on it every day.

    1. So was a different man I read about recently who died after a fall from a 10-foot ladder.

  3. There’s one simple indicator, and that is to look at the overall deaths this year. Simple enough; are more people dying? A friend who lives in the world of statistical analysis has investigated and say that overall deaths are probably somewhat down from where they were last year.

    Almost everyday, I run into people that are scared to death of this virus. While I do not deny that there is a virus, and that it has nasty effects on a relative handful of its victims, I do not believe that reporting regarding this virus has been honest and I believe that the response to it has been disproportionate.

    1. I agree. SARS was a test run and the CDC had to finally admit to the lack of SARS cases, after people who got sick were found not to have it after all. It was the testing and treatment that made them sick.

  4. My husband and 3 children (adults) have known about the deception early on, and we live our lives as normally as possible (Michigan). Unfortunately, my oldest daughter (32), a substance abuse counselor, lives in fear of it, and wears a mask even in the apartment that she lives in with one of her sisters. She is anxiously awaiting the vaccine. She only believes what her employer tells her (County Health Dept.).

    1. It seems that the response to this disease runs the gamut. There are some people that trust whatever is told to them and don’t question it, in any way. Others, like myself, are more skeptical about it. Earlier today, I ran into a realtor at an open house. We spoke for at least a half hour and it was obvious that neither of us were particularly worried. Whatever the case, I think that this needs to run its course. Cases may be increasing, but I believe that the death rate is quite low.

    2. Yes, Lee, my oldest daughter is a liberal in much of her thinking, except she is so pro-life that she only votes for pro-life candidates and volunteers for pro-life causes. She is about to marry a conservative Christian. God is leading her on good paths.

    3. I only said that because most of the people I know who are really scared of the virus and wear masks all the time are also liberal politically.

    4. And of course they all think THEY will be the authority once the socialists take over! Yowsah, yowsah–your neighborhood idiot in the Che Guevara T-shirt will decide who gets shipped off to the gulag.

  5. A COVID test given to fruit flies was positive; as well as with goats in another case. Maybe because they didn’t wear masks – lol. It seems that spikes in cases run parallel to testings. The only thing COVID-19 is spreading is fear: PLAN-19. This is the best article I’ve read all week. Thank you, Lee.

    1. While I’m reluctant to conclude that this was a deliberate release of a bio-weapon, I have to admit that there is a real possibility that could be the case. It actually explains why this disease can have such serious effects upon a handful of people and virtually no effect upon others. A genetically modified virus would be likely to behave in the same manner and if there were any subsequent waves of infection, these would be likely to be less dangerous, as the virus reverted to its natural form.

      Coronavirus itself, not specifically the novel 2019 version, is quite common. I would venture that most people have dealt with coronavirus many times in their lives. I have to question if the tests are a able to discern the 2019 strain, or would show positive for other strains. Beyond that, I suspect that false positives are very common.

    2. If I were designing a bio-weapon, I would make sure it came with a short shelf-life. Otherwise it might work its way back to my country and mess us up.

    3. I’ve read in reputable sources that most of the common tests being given to people pick up debris left over from T-cell destruction of almost any coronavirus — including the common cold. So the test results are reported as “cases” of Covid, when actually there’s signs of T-cell immunity from most coronaviruses, probably even the Covid-19 (although this isn’t certain because it hasn’t been tested clinically). In other words, many of these “cases” may be cases of immunity, not cases of a disease.

      And no one knows what these new vaccines will do to people who already have this immunity debris in their systems. They’d have to hold me down and wear ear muffs to muffle my screams in order to give me one of these vaccines.

    4. (Sorry for being so slow in reading my emails). Your comment makes a whole lot of sense. I suspect that the real purpose of these CV vaccines will bypass any debris as they are mostly being used for tracking and changing our genetic code. I believe it isn’t meant to cure or prevent anything because the majority of people being forcibly vaccinated don’t have COVID and the rest have a serious case of the common flu together with pre-existing health problems. Seasonal flu has always caused a surge in deaths, especially in seniors. When Gates said the vaccines “will kill about 700,000 people” he meant the toxicity and frequency of injections – some people will be more difficult to control than others… I hear you with the “screams” – lol. I know my own fight would be illegally radical…

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