That Capital “B” Makes Up for Everything!

Protesters occupy Union Square in New York City on June 06, 2020.

White liberals are despicable, and white liberal “journalists” the most despicable of all.

“Minorities just can’t make it without us!” Yes, that’s what they think.

So this year they’ve decided “black” now takes a capital “B.” But “white” can’t have a capital “W”… because that “risks following the lead of white supremacists” (all twelve of them), according to the Columbia Journalism Review of June 2020. So you have to write “Black” with a capital “B,” but if you write “White” with a capital “W,” that makes you a white supremacist.

How about a capital “F” for all you… ahem!… journalists.

And instantly, as soon as someone suggests a brand-new innovation in condescending snobbery, every last “journalist” in the country hops on board. There is no dissent. It’s like they have a hive mind. I’ve heard the last journalist who expressed an original thought was put to death.

Can’t they hear themselves? They all say the same thing at the same time! When they’re not busy helping Democrats get away with stealing an election, they’re doing pointless and downright silly “favors” for “minorities”–who, again, without the aid of white liberals, would be floundering helplessly in mud puddles.

What’s that? Gangs have overrun your neighborhood and you can’t buy food because rioters burned down all the stores? Well, never mind! ‘Cause now you’ve got “Black” with a capital “B,” white liberal journalists have blessed you, and everything’s fine right now.

5 comments on “That Capital “B” Makes Up for Everything!

  1. Of course, the capital “B” can be sensed only in written discourse. What about spoken discourse? I suggest a mandatory clicking of the heels at the mention of the word “black.” If your shoes don’t click (e.g., sneakers, slippers, flip-flops), you’ll have to attach taps to the inner surfaces of the heels. If you’re barefoot, I suppose you’ll have to wear castanets around your ankles.

  2. That word despicable used to be more powerful. According to Ron Chernow’s biography “Alexander Hamilton,” it was because Hamilton called Aaron Burr despicable that Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel in which he intentionally murdered Hamilton. Also, Ludwig van Mises claimed that few people are capable of having original ideas.

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