by Request, ‘The First Noel’

Whew! I need to calm down! Well, if Nat King Cole can’t calm you down, who can?

Requested by Erlene, The First Noel–and duly entered into our Christmas Carol Contest.

So far most readers are sitting back and letting Erlene and Phoebe do all the work. It’d be nice if, say, 100 different readers submitted carol entries.

Byron the Quokka says I need to offer ritzier prizes. But aw, come on! Christmas carols are prizes in and of themselves!

5 comments on “by Request, ‘The First Noel’

  1. Gorgeous. Why don’t we have voices like that any more?

    I’d also like to request “I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In.” (Okay, Erlene, your turn next!) 🙂

    1. Oh! I got distracted (had to give the cat her medicine: and catch her first) and didn’t post “3 Ships.” So I’ll load it onto the mouse now so it can be the first post tomorrow morning.

    2. Suddenly I have a vision of a little rodent scurrying along with twitching whiskers and a tiny song sheet strapped to his back. 🙂

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