Pearl Harbor Day

Scenes of wreckage after Japanese forces bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

December 7, 1941: President Franklin Roosevelt called it “a day which will live in infamy,” when the Imperial Japanese Navy, without a declaration of war, attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor and decimated the American fleet, drawing America into World War II.

Aggression and war are a dynamic of history in our fallen world; but wars are not always fought with fleets and armies. Stealing an election springs immediately to mind.

If Democrats succeed in stealing our country’s 2020 presidential election, if this crime is permitted to stand, it will be repeated here and elsewhere. It will mean the end of our constitutional republic: as long as anyone is able to win by changing, stealing, and discarding votes, they’ll never again have to worry about being voted out of office; and our republic will have failed. They will do with their computers what Tojo and Hitler couldn’t do with all their fleets and armies.

God Almighty defend us.


9 comments on “Pearl Harbor Day

  1. Yes, our only hope is the mercy of God in this day. I was an 8 year old kid when this happened and I heard the president’s announcement on the radio while visiting a friend for a few days. We were all blown away.

  2. Sadly, the last time (two years ago, I think) I commented to someone about the “date that will live in infamy,” she didn’t know what I was talking about. And she wasn’t even a youngster. So people forget. Infamy fades into oblivion. And if the current election fraud succeeds, our new overlords will make sure no one remembers that there was anything unusual about this year’s election — or notices anything wrong with any future (mock-)elections.

    I know this sounds defeatist. Blame it on my old age … and my inability to forget.

  3. History is written by the victors — and revisionist history has been taught in many schools for awhile, with its false “facts,” ignored events, and progressive commentary. But there are some schools and colleges, many parents and grandparents, and homeschoolers that teach real history. I don’t believe it will be forgotten, but memories of what our country used to be are already painful as we see the republic being ripped away from us.

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