They’d Better Not Fail Us

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In the past two hours we’ve heard some confusing reports about Texas’ lawsuit, presented to the Supreme Court, against the four states who illegally changed their own election laws before the Nov. 3 election. In the words of the lawsuit, officials in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin exploited “the COVID-19 pandemic to justify ignoring federal and state election laws and unlawfully enacting last-minute changes, thus skewing the results of the 2020 General Election.”

And yes, eight states have stated their support for Texas’ lawsuit (

There are whispers to the effect that the Supreme Court will duck the case, allowing the defendants to get away with stealing the election… because the court is afraid of ensuing riots by the Far Left, the Democrat Party’s pet storm troopers.

This would truly be madness: establishing a principle that the party that can stage the biggest riots gets to run the country.

If our leaders fail us–and I’m not saying that they will–and allow this travesty of an election to stand: well, then, we must not fail ourselves. We must not fail our country. We must never, never, never accept this mammoth fraud. Put the Democrats back in power, and they will bury our republic. And we’ll be on our way to becoming Venezuela. There the people sat on their hands while Hugo Chavez built a wall of tyranny around them, brick by brick–and now they can’t get out.

This must not be permitted to happen here.

5 comments on “They’d Better Not Fail Us

  1. I hope the SCOTUS doesn’t duck out. I know that the threat of riots is looming but we can’t let the thieves get away with this. I hope that upholding the law is what motivates the court.

    1. Let’s pray we do a better job of preserving our republic than the Romans did with theirs. Allowing riots was one of the things that did it in.

  2. Praying about it is important and many of us have been doing that. We can spread the truth. Is there anything more we can do?

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