‘Child Suspended from School for “Threat” to Use Magic Ring (2015)

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They thought it was real…

As we wonder how to save our country, we must not forget to keep asking “From what?” And the answer should include “public education.”

Bad enough our teachers’ unions are out-and-out communists. But look at some of the tricks they get up to in their classrooms: like suspending a child for “threatening” to use a magic ring he saw in a movie, The Hobbit.

Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring

I have revisited this case today as a reminder that our problem runs a lot deeper than the politics. Think about it. Did the “school officials” actually believe this little boy had a magic ring, which he could use to make another child disappear? I wish I had one that’d make them disappear! What kind of, uh, “education” would these schnooks provide?

And what in the world can we be thinking of, subjecting millions of our children to such a travesty of education? And that’s when they’re not “teaching” gender-bending and what a no-good rotten country America is, etc.

It’s not just our sins that have brought us to this point, where we have to fear for the destruction of our republic. It’s our follies, too. And our so-called education system is the biggest folly of them all.

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